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GIFT guide for the GOLDen GIRLIES

Precious metal accessories aren’t the only things that sparkle nowadays – special gifts with a shine + glow can score some major points when it comes to ’tis the season. We’ve pulled together some different gifts that have a shine – and some beauty to gift an extra GLOW.  Just the occasion to say hey- I think you’re my gold star – FDM gift guide for the gold-loving girls.

Start a little sweet: Yummy Alice + Peter Cupcake inspired scents are a playful pick-up for a someone with a sweet tooth. Fancy Choco synergizes mint and citrus with deep dark cocoa. At the head Orange, Lemon, Lime Peach, Pineapple, Curly Mint met with Apricot, Peach, Pineapple, Freesia, Lilac at the heart of a base of Amber, Chocolate, Vanilla Tonka Beans, Caramel, and White Musk. The exotic Eau de parfum will enliven your senses and also those around you. A caramelized temptation is presented with the flavorful Showy Toffee. A sensual base of Amber, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Patchouli, and White Musk is layered with floral notes of Rose, Lilac, Freesia, and Water Flowers. The surprisingly zingy toppers of Lemon + Freshly Cut Grass compliment to become a zingy parade of flavors for the body.

micallef ylang in gold fragrance | FashionDailyMag holiday


Smashbox limited edition holiday gifts give a lot a bang for fewer bucks.  We’ve talked about this one before- and we still love it.  The set of five lip glosses that also come in the cute container. The Enhancing varieties include Illume (pale nude with iridescence), Razzle (opalescent bright pink), and Spiceberry (nude creamy pink) while the Reflection High Shine Gloss in Star (nude) and Candy (bubblegum pink) rounds out the group.   Great to gift as is, or give 1 each to your girlfriends- ok, and maybe keep at least one.

Reality star Nicole Richie has a fragrance- Nicole, a self-named fragrance was inspired by her mother. The Daughter of Lionel Richie may not have the same talent as dad but she knows how grab someone’s attention – be it in the spotlight or with an intoxicating combination of aromatic splendors- that come in a gorgeous bottle too. The feminine scent is warm and tender, with moments of sheer sensuality. Pretty, doesn’t stay with you all day- gives you an excuse to reach out for that glamour shaped bottle that somehow is designed to fit nicely into the hand.

Inspired by Hollywood glamour, Gucci Premiere brings out the diva of a fashionista.  Luxury flows in with the first trace of vintage champagne and bright bursts of bergamot, orange blossom followed by white flowers and musk. The rich sensual base notes of leather, wood set the stage for the finer life.  check out the gorgeous Blake Lively in the glamourous campaign.

This helper comes in a shiny cute package:   POWDERWorks Facial Exfoliant is made from all-natural minerals and ingredients in a powdered form infused with nourishing oils to bring skin to life and combat signs of aging.  A little powdering to get a glowing polish.

Since we’re on the topic of powder, we’ve got a recommend for a liquid indulgence that is infused with a real 24k gold powder, leaving a pearly shimmers on the skin. The French perfumer M.Micallef has a fan base of sophisticated scent aficionados. The Ylang In Gold is artfully bottled with Swarovski crystal accents, reflecting the sparkle of what’s inside. The decadent opening of tropical refreshers of citrus and floral mingle with sensual ylang-ylang, sandalwood, rose and magnolia over lively coconut and vanilla. How yummy does that sound.

krigler splendid gold fdm holiday gifts

Want to smell like a million bucks, scratch that, want to smell richly exclusive- perhaps like someone staying at the Plaza? Haute Perfumery from Krigler has got your number. The distinctive Extraordinaire Camelia 209 scent was created with two types of Camellias flowers, Corsican lemon, Floridian pink peppercorn, Indian cardamom, Bourbon Vanilla, Musc de Baur, Cedar, and Chinese Tea. The concoction signifies perfect love, to give it to someone establishes the recognition of an ideal relationship. Discover a hidden treasure with the spirited aroma of adventurous Splendid Gold 211. Costa Rican Pineapple and Australian Amber combine with Bergamot, Peach and Star Jasmine are infused with essences of Lily, Tobacco, Sandalwood, Musk and Vanilla for pure extravagance. Now you have an excuse to stop in at the Plaza.  Mais oui.

For those ladies that like gadgets, gift them some extra [skin] polish.   DDF REVOLVE 400x micro-polishing system can help get the results much like a professional microdermabrasion – at home.   Gives 8x better facial exfoliation than just a scrub alone, gently polishing imperfections giving smoother more even-toned skin.  Comes with DDF [doctors dermatologic formula] polishing crystals, a polisher with multi-heads, and batteries, ready to go.

How can we resist a classic Chanel this season?  After a BRAD PITT appearance as the Face of Chanel No5 recently, it just gives us another reason to revisit  No5.   It always looks good, and now there’s yet another reason to talk about Brad.  What was the mystery, Brad.  more ‘inevitable’ video here with Brad. Surviving the holiday hoopla is easier if spending stylishly. FashionDailyMag Holiday gift guide for the girls by Brigitte Segura, Written by Sarah Freiseis.

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