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Spring Vibes: ready for warmer weather! 10 ways to feel good and look good

Feel Good Wellness: Spring is here and it’s time to enjoy the NYC outdoor activities even more. Spring Vibes: ready for warmer weather! 10 ways to feel good and look good. The trees are green again, the tulips are blooming everywhere in the city and it’s pretty! An inspiring time of renewal. Maybe the best time to get in some new healthy habits like taking longer walks and enjoying the brighter sunny days. Here are 10 ways to feel good and look good just in time for spring!

Spring Vibes: ready for warmer weather! 10 ways to feel good and look good.

FashionDailyMag lifestyle Editor | Curator: Brigitte Segura #brigitteseguracurator.

Now that the weather is warming up, I’ve been starting to take longer walks – cause there’s no more excuses! Though the rainy days can be annoying, it’s still nice to walk even further. Feel better, and fit your new outfit better. I feel even better when I can stretch a bit between long periods of work on the computer- especially if I’m wearing a cute (yogi-ish) outfit. I always look for something that can be dressed up and layered and can for work as an outfit indoors and outdoors both. Here are 10 tips to feel good and look good – just in time for warm weather.

Wear a stretchy and supportive outfit to inspire you even more!  

  1. This onesie makes me want to dance around, and has enough support too. Perfect outfit for yoga, pilates and serious lounging – it has incredible support so you can stride on your walk.  Plus, I can add some layers to walk around outdoors in the city. Made in the US and comes in fabulous black of course. Easy to “doll up” black. comfy support = CONFIDENCE in my step. (@_reformerthelabel).
  2. Walk (or stretch) in confidence with a new flower power SPFoutfit in town! This catsuit from Watskin is a burst of floral fun! Made of sun protective fabric, this super cute catsuit is flattering, and ready for the outdoors and designed for use around water too. The styling with the giant plastic zipper is very attractive, and the it can also be layered as an outfit. Ready to take to the outdoors, in the water, or at home stretch feel-good chic. Worth it! (@watskinofficial).

Get COMFY with more SUPPORT in your step:

  1. Get more comfy support on your WALK this spring.  I  found some insoles can work inside my shoes and boots and not just flat wide sneakers. some are skinny and angled to fit a heel, and better looking than most insoles! Helps with body alignment and arch support up to a year. Check out the @Protalus range of insoles designed for women (and men too).
  1. Get some fresh lightweight indoor / outdoor shoes in cute colors. Make sure they are easy to pull on / off for home, and add in the arch support too. It’s amazing how much of a difference a bit of sole support or orthotics can help my performance, plus relieve body aches too. This range of mesh shoes are perfect for home now and beach walks later. (@lamofootwear).

Feel more wellness ENERGY!

5. Eat a healthier balanced diet to have more energy and feel better physically.   Talk with a professional wellness expert* and see if your Vegan diet or in my case, my Gluten-free regime or supplements are in check, enough, or maybe too much!   It can be overwhelming to keep up with the right nutrition, nespecially when we mix in new protein foods, drinks, and healthy supplements to enhance. I found that traditional nutritionists are helpful, but a holistic wellness expert can speak to a wider range of natural lifestyle habits in addition to nutrition. (@drsusaneisen).

6. Get a new portable blender to inspire you to make those shakes on the go or at your desk. Maybe in Pink or red. Blendjet makes super cute colors and inspiring to go small blenders. (@blendjet).

better POSTURE! Sit BETTER at work

better POSTURE! Sit BETTER at work

7. If you’re sitting too much at the computer or phone and hunched over, try positioning your feet differently while sitting.   One foot forward, and one foot back in your chair.   This also helps engage your core! –  *Wellness Expert Susan Eisen, D.C.

8. If you are working on your phone on socials a lot like me, Susan Eisen also suggests:  holding your arm snug against your torso and holding the phone up closer to your head.   I tried and this technique and helped ease some of my neck and shoulder pain.  The hardest part is remembering to do it!  

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9. Feel a little lighter – and less bloated! I saved this amazing tip for almost last on the list. If you have not experienced a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment, it’s a great seasonal detox as well as relaxing. For me, I fit my jeans a little better after 1 treatment. It may also reduce the appearance of cellulite. Try out a treatment in a medical facility like BeautyworksNYC that is located in a medical office in Upper East Side. (@BeautyworksNYC).

10. I’m getting more florals at home, I’m wearing more florals, and I’m enjoying more floral scents to wear to chillax too. A light fragrance can induce alot of happy emotions for me, and I’m enjoying a little Lavender, wild rose, balsam and cedar in an Artisan Perfume Set from Adirondack Fragrance Farm. Fun and feels like I’m at a SPA! anytime. (@ADKfragrancefarm).

 Spring Vibes: ready for warmer weather! 10 ways to feel good and look good.

FashionDailyMag lifestyle Editor | Curator: Brigitte Segura #brigitteseguracurator.

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