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Brigitte Segura Testimonials


Brigitte Segura Testimonials:

At Tumblr, I got to know Brigitte and witness her work as a curator and a creator. Her relentless passion for supporting young fashion talent is amazing. For years, she has championed emerging young designers with dedication and loving stamina.”

– Valentine Uhovski, Former Head of Fashion & Culture, Tumblr

Brigitte Segura is a true Social Curator. She seamlessly interweaves fashion, lifestyle and beauty in a way that makes our product mentions feel even more genuine and attached to an overall beautiful social snapshot. She observes, documents and makes the viewer want to subscribe to a lifestyle versus a brand. She’s more of a modern day cultural anthropologist than simply a content creator.”

– Snooky Bellomo + Tish Bellomo, Co-Founders, Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC

“Brigitte Segura is a force, as unique in her ability to create as she is in executing the details. She has seamlessly fused creativity into my luxury hair services and hair trends content. Not only do her visions far exceed what I expected from my ambassadors, but her boundless energy has been a huge asset to my company and artists. Her enthusiasm ignites action!”

–  Laurent Dufourg, President and Founder of Prive by Laurent D and Prive Haircare

“Brigitte Segura is a pioneer in social media and the world of influencers. Her experience as a fashion designer and merchandiser, editor and writer, has honed her eye and aesthetic to a haute level. Her keen sense of what is of the moment and also of what is coming remains consistently ahead of the trends.”

– Laurie Schechter, Luxury Brand Specialist

“New York based Brigitte Segura Is an Influencer like no other in the world of social media.
Her amazing fashion, beauty, luxury posts feature photos and videos presented with
technical skills few know exist. She is also a consultant in brand development and
strategy. With a background as a Fashion Designer, her creativity and dedication set her apart –
as does her hair!”

–  Helen Oppenheim, International Hair Expert/Beauty Editor


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