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COZY WINTER SEASON: 25 things to have in your WEEKEND BAG !

COZY WINTER SEASON: 25 things to have in your WEEKEND BAG! Whether you are traveling for the upcoming winter weekends, or want to add a cozy wintery,  here are a few of my favorite things I like to pack. Maybe a more countryfied groove at home for the holiday season. WINTER SEASON: 25 things in your WEEKEND BAG to give you more joy during the holidays.

COZY WINTER SEASON: 25 things to have in your WEEKEND BAG ! Story by Brigitte Segura. 
Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor :  @ Brigitte_Segura @ fashiondailymag #brigitteseguracurator.
MOOD: Let's get into the Groove of winter cozy.
  1. Start with a Cozy puffer with a hood please! My fave this season is patterned and maxi, like this cutie from Nicole Miller that is printed with big pink flowers. I also love white, pink or gold this season for a puffer color. You can wear it on the trip for the weekend and feel like you’re going on a big ski trip… and hopefully see some snow.
  2. A good looking weekender bag that looks more fun and cozy than the usual hard cases and carry on. Pick a cute color like olive or pink to give it a special occasion feel.
  3. Cute hoodie to get cozy. Layer on and protect your hair during travel too! Pick a pink, white or colorful hoodie to layer under your coat.
  4. Comfy soft knitted blanket (small) to stay cozy whenever you feel like it, during travel, or when you arrive at the not so comfy guest room at the family house. get colors: white or pink or holiday plaids. in fabrics that are soft like sweaters or chenille yarn!
  5. Mood enhancing book with titles like GLOW and VIBRANT with one page mantras, style short and positive.
  6. Fresh new headphones to listen to sound better while navigating (or not!) during the weekend. And charger of course.
  7. favorite water bottle – while you travel or for celebrating hot haute drinks outdoors in the winter, and cool drinks outdoors in the summer!


  1. new hat and gloves with novelty decorations, like pearls! .
  2. Cute PJs with festive plaid patterns if possible. Waffle or thermal printed set are much cuter than a winter holiday sweater and can be used to cheer year around. Key look: Top and bottoms that match are more festive!
  3. Cozy hat like a beanie for the outdoorsy day, or – to make your cute winter PJs look more cute indoors. Especially if you are home for the holidays. Nicole Miller.
  4. Another sweatshirt with no hood, preferably your soft cozy favorite to lounge around in when you arrive so you feel more at home.
  5. Wear your favorite sports bra to chillax more – I call it lounge wear. I love the quality and the comfy support in sporty lounge wear, from Reformer Pilates – and they also have compression sports bra !
  6. Add the leggings under the outfit if you get cold like me outdoors , and un-layer when you arrive at your indoor destination. The seamless knitting makes it more comfy. Reformer is made in the US.
  7. More leggings and tank tops to layer!


  1. Shower steamers – my favorite new shower accessory: by the Herbal Zen. My favorite two scents: Stress Fighter and Cold Kicker, add to the shower time and voila! it feels like a spa. I am now using at every shower!!!
  2. Nail polish set to do nails in case you’re snowed in at home or away! Perfect for female bonding, every age. Nicole Miller.
  3. Masks – under eye patches preferably gold or Vitamin C and enough to share with friends and family while watching TV. Fun!
  4. Masks – for hair. ‘Cause you have time to do this for once! Try my fave Leonor Greyl or fun using this cap with a weighless formula.
  5. Good lip balm, preferably French!
  6. Cheek and lip tint in one for cheeky cuteness without overdoing the makeup during the holiday season. Try a ‘berry sweet’ look around the family!
  7. Spritz to chillax! Take your rose face mist in travel size to refresh face anytime. Help your skin feels dry from indoor heat, or when you’re just too hot from the family convo. note: you can go (just) water with face misting, but why?
  8. Face/body/hair oil that smells nice to soften skin, face and refresh hair.
  9. Face wipes to keep your skin and hands clean,
  10. Small blank book to write down or doodle your thoughts.
  11. Cute self-help books with titles like GLOW, Vibrant, etc that make you feel good, preferably with one page reads to inspire
  12. a Good sticker book you can share with friends at any age, like DK’s “Botanists sticker anthology

** some items in this curated guide receive commission from Amazon. Check out more at my page! Brigitte_Segura.

25 things to have in your WEEKEND BAG

Story by Brigitte Segura. Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor :  @ Brigitte_Segura @ fashiondailymag #brigitteseguracurator.