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MAKEUP LOVER gift guide

EDITOR PICKS:  And who doesn't like new makeup?  Pretty is in, and a sprinkle of beauty is first in store in our annual gift guides for 2018.  Ready to gift and to receive, here are a few favorites from the makeup department.  A few sweet + versatile makeup finds that are fun to gift, and girls … Continue reading
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Ahh yes, with the recent heatwave,  the tan is now on the body, with a little hint on the face, right?  In as much as the tan or faux tan may be "less maintenance" for your face in the summer, I'd say the makeup is more tricky with the not so usual tone - at least for me. For my summer flawless, … Continue reading
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LIPS gone tropical

beauty resolutions: Moisturizing your lips is a year-round issue, but under the summer sun, it's a must!  While lip balms with plumpers are favorites for me + my girly friends, they aren't exactly beach bag or wallet-friendly.    A good option is the go-to tried and true- chapstick.   It … Continue reading