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SOFT lips are PLUMP lips

BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: Time to think about the pout! As the sun is glaring outside, keep the makeup light + simple.  And when lips get dry + chapped during the heat, it can be a challenge to look good with the usual lipstick routine.  Time to ditch the heavy lip color and show off  your sexy (and fuller) pout.   We found a few summer-friendly lip balms + plumpers to help get the smooth on and enhance the pucker.

Smooth + heal lips (+SPF):

My lips just got better: This year-round favorite soothes, softens + protects against UV sunlight:  Vincent Longo Cushion Lips SPF 20 has a pleasant scent and feels softer than most lip balms, making it a great option for the summer- especially if your lips are chapped.   The squeezable mini tube of lip conditioner has Aloe Vera + tea tree oil for an added fresh tingle + long lasting hydration.   Comes in a unique shade of golden apple that accentuates the natural lip color, complementing all skin tones.

SUPER healing power + hi-shine:  RODIAL Stemcell Superfood Glam Balm Lip SPF 15  almost instantly smooths lips. This skinny tube protects your lips from sun damage, plus adds a little Gloss effect.  The easy to apply formula has shea butter, rose hip oil and pomegranate, it provides fatty acids to stimulate collagen production while giving the lips a super dose of antioxidants.  This lip balm nourishes, moisturizes, repairs, and will give you all the glam of smooth lips with SPF.

soft lips plump lips summer beauty FashionDailyMag

plump + smooth the LIPS:

Get a plumping effect without the DOC, or the overwhelmingly tingling sensation that sometimes burns when your lips are sensitive.  RODIAL Stemcell Glam Balm Lip Rose Plumping Lip Balm (which is Brigitte’s new favorite) has a moisturizing rich formula that fills and volumizes the area while soothing.   This rose-flavored balm tightens plus revitalizes the the pout, leaving the lips looking glossy with a plumped effect to love.

Bodacious Lips by Devera Naturals is an all natural plumper, balm and gloss in one.  This easy to apply multitasking product works wonders instantly soothes and smooths with a slight plumping effect.   The rich and lasting formula has combination of plant extracts and emollient oils – licorice root extract help the soothe effect.   What’s also nice about this product is that you can also apply it when your lips are sensitive or dry and still get the gloss + slight plump effect without the burning sensation.

soft lips plump lips summer beauty FashionDailyMag

Summer tropical go-to:

The classic choice,  Chapstick, has come out with a summer-themed collection called Tropical Paradise, which is more like a ticket to a Hawaiian vacation for your lips.   It has three seasonal flavors – Aloha Coconut, Watermelon Splash and Mango Sunrise.  Keep one in your purse or beach bag and you won’t have to worry about your lips getting dry.  Easy to find at the local drugstore, no matter where you are travelling.

BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: healthier + plumper lips for summer written by Brigitte Segura + Betty Lo.

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