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What is Fashion Daily Mag?

the online destination for luxury fashionbeauty + lifestyle curated by Brigitte Segura. Brigitte Segura Bio here

The voice behind FashionDailyMag || fdmLOVES:

Each of my previous design opportunities enabled me to experiment, explore my creative passion, and develop business in the exciting world of fashion. In creating fashiondailymag, I was able to curate + share my global experiences and discoveries in this ever-changing fusion of fabulosity, genius, decadence, artistry, and beauty.

Sharing all of this with my friends and now loyal followers, each of these experiences brought me closer to who i am TODAY… passionate about the world of luxury living, AND the  extraordinary TALENTS and creators behind BRANDS. I now look for collaborative opportunities fusing my curative storytelling with fashion, art, beauty, technology and business in a chic lifestyle. – Brigitte Segura, Editor and curator.

with a unique global perspective I live fashion with a NYC vibe, keeping my fingers close to the pulse and sharing what I love… focusing on collaborations to make an impact for creatives and beautiful things they create!

from launch parties to behind the scenes and runway,  I’m just speaking what’s happening + what’s to come for fashion cultured gals and guys.  In 2013, I added menswear to our fashion roster, with fdm Boys Club + fdmlovesmens, a dedicated tumblr blog – just for our favorite guys.

about Brigitte Segura:

more Brigitte Segura (BFA) // (GETTY) // #brigitteseguracurator // #FashionDailyMag.

Who we are…

Founded by fashion curator | brand strategist |  architect Brigitte Segura @ FashionDailyMag has cultivated a loyal following of luxury fashion + beauty enthusiasts and fellow industry influencers including bloggers, stylists, and other creatives since 2011, bringing you what’s newsworthy in LUX chic lifestyle.

known for her style savvy, design experience,  and an ‘eye’ for spotting trends, Brigitte Segura is the influential voice behind FashionDailyMag + fdmLOVES, as well as THE brand strategist a handful of creative minded brands each season.

“I love to discover beautiful things, collaborate + strategize,  and curate – and sometimes what starts here goes big, which makes it all more awesome…”

about the EIC | Founder: Brigitte Segura is a consultant in strategic business + brand development, specializing in brand perception and re-alignment. With a background in fashion design, what started as a portfolio turned into what is now FashionDailyMag | fdmloves: a curated au courant fashion zine and influencer source.

Additionally, Brigitte Segura continues to consult x collab in design as well as social + content strategy // creative website development.  She was a Tumblr #FASHION editor from 2013-2015, curating fashion daily for the platform.

Based in NYC,  Brigitte Segura  FashionDailyMag + collaborates with creatives including photographers + stylists strategically helping brands reach their perception to a newsworthy cool in LUX chic lifestyle via social strategy.

For brand specific collaborations + in-house projects, Brigitte’s curative content management serves to influence + aggregate topics on multiple online platforms. check out more collabs + Social Curator.

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