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SUMMER 2024: Are you ready and toned? 5 Ways to improve your skin

Aah Summer weather has arrived so quickly this year! Though it seems like the Spring breeze and the rain was only a short time ago, it’s time to dive into the summer wardrobe and spend more time outdoors and the beach! SUMMER 2024: Are you ready and toned? Here are 5 ways to improve your skin tone. More smooth, and a little extra tone on your legs, waist, and body. Good energy for the skin with essential oils and natural ingredients too.

SUMMER 2024: Are you ready and toned? 5 Ways to improve your skin by Brigitte Segura. #brigitteseguracurator.

from the editor: I believe in the power of botanicals and products to help tone skin! For many Euro-centric folks like me, toning creams, and anti-cellulite creams are a basic in the home skincare regimen. Though it’s not as dramatic as surgery, there are a lot of benefits in using some products and seeing a more smooth skin tone. Here are 5 products I have tried and recommend.

  1. Shower time with an organic Tonic Sugar Polisher! An all-time favorite of mine, this divine scented scrub gently scrubs away dry skin while nourishing the skin with essential oils to tone to help smooth skin and tone. The aromatic scent makes shower time more like Spa time too. Clarins Aroma collection : Gommage au Sucre “Tonic”. I recommend this daily as step 1 in the toning game, in the shower and year-round to get an aromatic boost of good vibes too. It’s also 99% organic ! Available online only.
  2. Help tone and reduce the look of sponginess with the Contour Body Firming and Toning Treatment Oil. This Contouring oil is formulated with 100% plant extracts and helps firm, tone and reduce the spongy look. An aromatic blend of essential oils includes Geranium, Marjoram, and Lemon which help release toxins and smooth and tone skin. I use 2-3 times a week to energize my skin and feel good overall, when I’m not going in the sun.
  3. The SKIN SMOOTHING EXPERT: Body Fit Active is designed to help contour where you need it. Ingredients the new skin Smoothing Power Complex of Organic Matcha Tea extract + Plant Caffeine to target cellulite and visibly smooth and refine body contours. The texture is a gel-cream and easy to put on and go with a Minty and refreshing sensation on the body that lasts a few minutes. Recommendation is to apply daily, using Clarins’ NEW Professional Draining Method. More info here.
  1. Tone the WAIST and abdomen with Super Restorative Anti-Aging Abdomen and Waist Body Cream that is designed to help the waistline and belly area. Need I say more? It feels tingly after you use it, and makes skin look smoother. “Powered by NEW Organic Cryptomeria extract—a potent plant extract that redefines the body contour resulting from hormonal changes.” Recommendation is 2x per day, most users say they saw more tightness in the area.
  2. BODY FIRMING: Extra firming cream is to use for loss of firmness, and sagging skin. Lack of exercise, oxidative stress, age, or a demanding lifestyle can affect the body’s hypodermic tissue begins sagging, resulting in loss of firmness. So, “in collaboration with the Karolinska Insitutet in Sweden, the Clarins Laboratories have advanced a new scientific discovery: that a duo of potent plant extracts—Organic Petasites (tightening) and Organic Mitracarpus (firming)—fights slackening with a multi-level approach that visibly firms, tightens and smoothes the skin for a more streamlined silhouette.” Sounds like a firm winning combo to me. Check out all the body toning products here.
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SUMMER 2024: Are you ready and toned? 5 Ways to improve your skin by Brigitte Segura. #brigitteseguracurator. photos: Brigitte Segura.

SUMMER 2024: Are you ready and toned? 5 Ways to improve your skin BRIGITTESEGURACURATOR FASHIONDAILYMAG