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3 steps to a glowing face and a fabulous mood for Spring!

Spring is here, are you ready? Here are 3 steps to a glowing face and a fabulous mood for Spring! With brighter days ahead and all the flowers blooming, it’s time to face the warmer weather with a boost for brighter skin and tone. Since it’s a good idea to ‘spring clean’ our homes, why not spring clean our skin ? After exploring some non-invasive options for the skin at a doctor’s office, here are 3 ways to get a Springtime boost to brighten your skin and mood. I decided to try out some new things for Spring.


3 steps to a glowing face and a fabulous mood for Spring! by Brigitte Segura.

First, I gave my skin a spring cleaning and brightening boost with a Platinum HydraFacial which cleans, brightens and tones the face, and is performed by a medical aesthetician at a doctor’s office, even better- at a board certified Plastic Surgeon’s office.

Here’s how my BeautyworksNYC Platinum HydraFacial went:

I began with a steam treatment that allowed my pores to open, then a gentle cleansing was added to this preparation while the wonderful steam continued. A manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) followed, performed by the Medical Aesthetician/Certified Medical Assistant to stimulate blood flow and oxygenation. I especially loved the calming scent of essential oils in the background, curated especially for my relaxation.

After my skin was properly prepared, HydraFacial’s patented device was used for a very intense deep cleaning of my skin, which allowed not just cleaning but exfoliating and extracting. It was a nice feeling, without pain. My skin was then fortified with a customized Beautyworks NYC brightening serum. After the treatment, the reservoir cannister was murky with debris and dead skin cells – the result of removing impurities from my skin! It was satisfying to see that the gunky stuff was no longer clogging my pores! The last step was the application of Dr. Weintraub’s medical-grade sunscreen, with SPF 50 and zinc and iron oxide to protect against sunshine and the damaging blue light that is emitted from electronic screens. The result? So good I left the office and onto my next destination with just lipstick and the tinted sunscreen. I had “no-makeup” confidence, and I was in a great mood!


My 2nd Spring treat recommendation is a Lymphatic drainage treatment is must-have seasonal detox for everyone!

Now that the heavy coats are coming off, I am ready for my Spring wardrobe with more bounce in my step! A Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment is not only for relaxing, it’s a great seasonal detox as well. For me, it meant fitting into my jeans just a smidge better after the treatment. It may also reduce the appearance of cellulite. The lymphatic drainage treatment is used with patients after surgery and cosmetic surgery to help with recovery too. Much like an extremely light and relaxing massage, a lymphatic-drainage treatment is enjoyable before and after. LDM, which is the opposite of a deep-tissue massage, utilizes light, repetitive movements in specific directions to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, thereby reducing excess fluid and swelling.


The treatment encourages drinking more water than usual after since you will be flushing out the toxins after the treatment too! The benefits, including reduced swelling due to lack of fluid retention, improve skin quality and can give it a more vibrant appearance!

My Third recommendation for a Spring Treat is Dr. Weintraub’s upside-down Bo Boost !

We’ve all heard about Botox (Bo) by now, as it’s the most frequently performed non-invasive cosmetic procedure, and a great defense against crow’s feet, frown lines, and horizontal brow lines. Dr. Barry Weintraub takes it to another level with the upside-down Botox technique he developed. Dr. Weintraub is a board certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and created
this technique to help prevent side effects, leaving patients with minimal or no bruising alongside the beautiful result of erased wrinkles. (More about this treatment below gallery).

Normally the patient is sitting upright, but Dr. Weintraub instead positions his patients at a slight pitch, with their feet a bit higher than their heads. The medical term for this is “Trendelenburg,” and Dr. Weintraub prefers this position because it creates better blood flow to the head, thereby allowing him to see more clearly the veins and arteries of the face.

“This way, as the blood flows into the vessels, I can see them and avoid them, which in turn prevents bruising. In addition, this backwards pose ensures that the Botox does not diffuse toward the eye.” – Dr. Barry Weintraub

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**The preliminary step to all this is to find a Board Certified Doctor’s office that is near you. They should have an Expert staff including Medical Aestheticians and/or Certified Medical Assistants performing the facials and LBD.

DR. BARRY WEINTRAUB is located near the Pierre, the Plaza, and Central Park at 800A Fifth Avenue at 61st Street, New York, NY 10065. @drbarryweintraub @beautyworksNYC.

3 steps to a glowing face and a fabulous mood for Spring! by Brigitte Segura Curator.

Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor :  @ Brigitte_Segura @ fashiondailymag # brigitteseguracurator.

Photos and Videos: Brigitte Segura. Get in touch to collaborate!