Ahh yes, with the recent heatwave,  the tan is now on the body, with a little hint on the face, right?  In as much as the tan or faux tan may be “less maintenance” for your face in the summer, I’d say the makeup is more tricky with the not so usual tone – at least for me.

For my summer flawless, I dove into PurMinerals for a range of face saving 4-in-1s and some tan-friendly beauty-flawlessly.

BRIGITTE SEGURA SUNNY DAZE of SUMMER ray ban sunnies FashionDailyMag 5

I started the changeover earlier in July for mens fashion week, and the results are pretty obviously natural, n’est-ce pas?


here’s some of the makeup  I used from PurMinerals:

MIRACLE MIST  //  LIQUID VEIL 4-in-1 spray foundation // 4-in-1 tinted moisturizer //

4-in-1 pressed mineral powder // CAMEO contour stick

my favorite summer treat for the lips: VELVET MATT LIQUID LIPSTICK +

SOIREE DIARIES EYESHADOW PALETTE for a quick day to night add of glitz.


eric rutherford x brigitte segura Thaddeus O'neil SS18 BrigitteSegura PT-36

FLAWLESS FACE for SUMMER by brigittesegura.


makeup: PurMinerals // hair: #RoccoBarbettoHair

fashion: Rayban + GstarRaw + MarcJacobs + SacredVisionsDesigns

SUMMER FLAWLESS FACE pur minerals brigitte segura

photo credits:

Eric Rutherford + Brigitte Segura at NYFW:M @PaulTerrie

Editorial by Tristan Manaloto @FashionDailyMag.

Product shots by Michael M. @FashionDailyMag and by courtesy.

BRIGITTE SEGURA SUNNY DAZE of SUMMER ray ban sunnies FashionDailyMag 3



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