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Brad Pitt talks: a man’s perspective of a feminine fragrance | VIDEO

Whether its Brad Pitt or the legendary CHANEL N°5 fragrance that quickens your heartbeat, the fusion creates an intoxicating result. This new campaign lends,  “the perspective of a man-Brad Pitt-on the most feminine fragrance of all time: CHANEL N5.” As the first male face of the scent, Pitt follows a slew of female icons such as Coco Chanel herself and Catherine Deneuve.  Film Director Joe Wright showcased Pitt in his bare element by shooting in black+white, highlighting the allure of the scent and also the star.

Wright’s former films include Keira Knightley’s Coco Mademoiselle commercials, as well as Atonement, Pride and Prejudiceand Anna Karenina. Behind-the-scenes images from artist Sam Taylor-Wood gives viewers even more insight into this highly awaited shoot. Pitt was drawn to the fragrance and project from its lasting charm and how its effortlessly captures “a woman’s spirit.”

The film showcases a man being seduced by the Chanel N5 scent, focusing on the emotional effects of the perfume. The power of Pitt’s presence alone is what Wright used to connect to the audience, using his soothing, iconic voice to parallel to the similar attributes of the perfume. At first, the poem he recites is a mystery-since its unknown as to what has him so intrigued, but by stating the final lines, it is uncovered that Chanel N°5 has captured his attention (along with generations of Chanel devotees). For inspiration, the filmmaker sourced the classic 1960’s ads with Catherine Deneuve that centered around “simplicity” and understated chic. Wright also painted the global impact of the fragrance in the succeeding film, traveling from nature to art museum, an  elevator encounter then Paris and finally showing the world to depict the versatility of the fragrance and the Chanel woman- all overlaid with Pitt’s voice.

CHANEL N5 gained new territory when it began in 1921. Whether it was soldiers post WWII buying numerous bottles for their brides, or Coco instructing women to apply the aroma wherever they want to be kissed, the scent still has everlasting desire. Perfumer Ernest Beaux traveled as far as the arctic circle for inspiration, ultimately resulting in an iconic blend of 80 ingredients. Beaux broke new ground with the perfume, by introducing aldehydes which enhances and adds complexities to the fragrance-making it even more unique. The sleek simple shape of the bottle, with its top cut in a similar form as the Place Vendôme, stood out amid the usual decadent forms within the fragrance world.

Chanel chose the fifth scent brought to her by Beaux on the 5th month of the 5th year-all leading to its iconic name. Pitt + Chanel N5 has formed a union of icons, creating a timeless result, that you don’t want to end !   Written by Mary Anderson.  fdmLOVES behind the scenes and campaign selects  by Brigitte Segura.  Check out part 2 of  BRAD | CHANEL  video on FashionDailyMag Vimeo.


Brad Pitt | CHANEL N°5 video by Joe Wright


behind the scenes photos: Sam Taylor-Wood, courtesy of CHANEL