VPL spring 2012

to all the movers and the shakers with a penchant for flamboyance, this line is visibly for you: VPL victoria bartlett Spring 2012 Runway Collection NYFW. sophisticated piecing and layers of it are to be expected at this show and let’s face it Victoria Bartlett has made a name for herself for doing just that.  But she doesn’t mean the buck stops there, season after season she reinterprets and reinvents the look her fashionably distinct followers.

VPL spring 2012 fdm sel 1 photo valerio mezzanotti NowFashion

The powerful and poignant references to earth and all its fury lets loose in a succinct capsule of style.  Hues echoing sand and stone play against poppy and green and prints picturing flowing lava are added in naturally.  Draped and layered asymmetrical thin knits and loosely looped sweaters were seductive, when paired skinny legged pieced pants the combo is a full out hot to trot sexy. LOVED the neoprene, in a light dose.  written by Sarah A. Freiseis. Fdm selects bybrigitte segura ON FASHION DAILY MAG a LOOK to the future: fashion + beauty + lifestyle +in LUXchic

VPL spring 2012 FashionDailyMag sel 3 ph valerio mezzanotti NowFashion

photos by valerio mezzanotti | nowfashion 


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