SUMMER beauty: How is your BACK view?

HOWs the back view photo berta villanueva on brigitte seguraSUMMER beauty:the HIP smoothers are the anti-CELLULITEs..NOW that you’ve had a long weekend to notice the back and side view,  are you ready to fight the flab beast?  we’ve been preaching the work-out isn’t enough to smooth things over completely for a while now, take the extra step:  We’ve selected a hand-ful of helpers that will firm the outer layers and even add a little trimming benefit, by brigitte segura photo by Berta Villanueva* on FDM: a LOOKto the future: fashion  + beauty + lifestyle in LUXchic… ELAYS body scrub bar at thompson chemists ny on FashionDailyMag

we can’t get enough of ELAYS champagne-infused product range:

1. ELAYS cosmetique exfoliating massage soap is easy to use in the shower, and not only does it help circulation, but it also smooths the skin texture instantly.  the shape and the rope string makes it so easy to use, and to ‘massage’ the areas.

2. VICHYcellu DeStock… like the name, it DESTOCKS the extra bulge, redefining thighs, stomach and buttocks… and proven results within 4 weeks of use and  ‘1 cellulite grade’ of difference.

3. ELAYS** gentle exfoliator body scrub is  on the skin, smells great, and gentle on most skins with the little bubbly extra.

4. BORBA diamond shimmer contour with spandex fiber gives a lift with elasticity to tighten smooth the texture, great after you have ‘destocked’ or if skin is a little looser than you’d like.

*HOWs the VIEW editorial PHOTO– Berta Villanueva, MAKE-UP & HAIR-STYLE- Diana Galí, STYLING- Alegna Merlino, MODEL- Genet Oneto  at Fleming Models

**elays cosmetique is available at thompson alchemists nyc

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