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STAY INSPIRED: keep moving // MUSIC you can WALK to now.

the [FEEL-GOOD] series: well, keep moving! while we’re still taking the walk of the day post-COVID / pre- normal, listening to music can make any walk a better experience.  Adding a new fast (and foreign) beat to the tunes library can turn a basic walk into a power walk (or a catwalk, dancewalk, travel-inspired walk) or whatever moves your groove walk. 

STAY INSPIRED: keep moving // MUSIC you can WALK to now by #brigitteseguracurator.  10 remixes to make you groove in your shoes.   Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor :  Brigitte Segura  @ fashiondailymag

from the editor: So while it’s Mental Health Awareness Month 2021,  I wanted to share my favorite chillaxing activity: Tunes that make me happy enough to go walking.  The daily walk with superfab tunes has been my way of warding off the negative during the COVID 19 crisis, and hopefully this eclectic mix of upbeat sounds take you to a chillax sound from around the globe as much as it helps me.  Here, I’ve selected a few current favorites on repeat that remind me of Paris, the South of France, vacation, and just plain positive energy!  A glimpse from my music archive of favorite tunes to vibe to: fdmLOVESmusic #brigitteseguracurator a tumblr blog dedicated to global music that I walk and work to.

First up is travel oriented: Monaco – Bon Entendeur (Vladimir rework).  This tune is a Frenchie vaca romance vibe gone fast pace.    Sultry sounds that make me smile walking down the street..  Tout et bleu, tout est beau…  Turn on the 3 minute commitment.

2.  ICAREYuksek x Bertrand Burgalat. The radio intro in this remix makes me feel like I’m in a Paris taxi, then going into to a Disco, or at a fab spot having a drink – in Paris of course. Guaranteed to make your head bop at the corner while walking.

The power of music  is good for the soul, good for my mind.   I clear my head walking, and sometimes sing off key ( in french too!) to a few of these tunes on my speed walk. I love finding energetic remixes that groove 3-6 minutes of high energy unfamiliar friendly music.   I don’t even think about how fast I’m walking, and  moving swiftly not only keeps me in shape, it keeps my back pain in check, BTW… – Brigitte Segura.

3. Week-end a Rome… this classic remix with Vanessa Paradis and Etienne Daho… So ouiiiiiiiiii !

Sometimes not knowing the lyrics of the song or the artist makes the sound experience, especially on headphones ~ raw, exploratory, moody.   It took me awhile to figure out this fancy song by Isaac Delusion was dedicated to Emily, not the family…  whatever, I walk well to it, on repeat :).  Try it on the headphones for a walk-friendly pace.

4. Isaac Delusion – Fancy

4. Keep travelling:  La Boheme; Achraf Kallel Feat. Atthida.   Travelling again to France and maybe to the Middle East.   Tune in to this and move your shoulders in a dance trance..

5.  Some are stride slow and savvy, some are city-paced and energetic.  Are you ready to move? Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk | Lucky Suit & Tie (MASHUP). This one makes me move my head back and forth in a good way all the way down the street.   Again and again.  “Tell your mother that I love her…”

6. Summertime: Sorä & Massam ft Stephane Salerno Tribute).  Got that sexy swagger with drumbeat.  Easy listening, anytime in the afternoon tune.

7. This mood enhancer high energy sexy vibes: PCH: Jaden Smith feat. Willow Smith. “Cause you’re beautiful..”

#stayinspired #stayactive #stayhealthy #mentalhealth2021

8. Middle eastern flavored: Enta Elh by Nancy Agram. Recommended by my friend Amal from Texas.   IDK what she’s singing, but it makes me feel soooooo happy on my walk.

9. For the cool down or a quiet walk. “FLY” this sweet sound from 19 year old Katja Larsen. We all need a little reminder of sweet moments.


10. my #10 is my current number 1 on repeat. Try it for the start of the walk when you’re just not in the mood. At home, this tune is guaranteed to make you sway. DakhaBrakha – Baby

Now that you’ve skimmed a couple of these, let me know which ones you like! subscribe or add a comment // send a message in the form below!

STAY INSPIRED: keep moving // MUSIC you can WALK to now by #brigitteseguracurator.  10 remixes to make you groove in your shoes.  Feet GOOD! Mental Health Awareness 2021. 

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Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor :  Brigitte Segura  @ fashiondailymag.

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