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MOD DESIGN: GO-GO AGE at nycxdesign

Dahling, how fabulous is this seating arrangement? Launching his new capsule with nycxdesign, Designer Kouros Maghsoudi flaunts a dose of liberation and inspiration from the 1960s Space Age design movement. Go-Go Furniture exhibition hits a climax at NYCxDESIGN Festival.

MOD DESIGN: GO-GO AGE at nycxdesign written by Sarah Annette.

Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle EditorBrigitte Segura @ fashiondailymag .

The internationally renowned NYCxDESIGN Festival featured an evening of escapism and space-age fantasy at Kouros Maghsoudi’s “GO-GO AGE” collection unveiling. The 2022 exhibition at Ian Schrager’s hotel, PUBLIC, made for a memorable backdrop with rooftop access and skyline views that allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the experience. The sheerly dressed models posed, perched, and draped themselves on the chairs in a carefree yet captivating manner throughout the night. 


NYCXDESIGN-Kouros Maghsoudi ph sarah annette for FashionDailyMag brigitteseguracurator

The “GO-GO AGE” capsule collection includes five versions of Maghsoudi’s NEO-LOUNGE Chair in various colorways, including rich hues, bold tones, and chrome for pop. The seductively nostalgic chairs with innovative touches in shape, materials and craftsmanship. Kouros Maghsoudi’s attention to detail is evident in the body of work and presentation. He brought metalworker Mark Malecki on board for the fabrication, and it helped bring the vision to life. 

The music and the vibes opened the door for spectators to join in on the fun, and as the chairs became available for a test drive, onlookers explored the shape. From caressing the finish, sitting down and getting cozy, to using the structure as support for an interactive selfie, the experiential component of the unveiling proved enthralling. Kouros Maghsoudi launched his debut furniture collection for NYCxDESIGN Week in May 2021, and “GO-GO AGE” is his second capsule collection. Yeah, Love, and so much fun!

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MOD DESIGN: GO-GO AGE at nycxdesign written by Sarah Annette.

Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle EditorBrigitte Segura @ fashiondailymag .

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