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MIST on! and FACE the HEAT

MIST on!  instantly awaken your nature, REFRESH + hydrate with a  spritz to give the complexion an immediate boost.   ELIXIRs of essential oils and flowers give an aromatherapy boost while just letting you cool off in the heat..  5ish FDM faves to refresh your FACE, your friends, your sheets, clear the air, and awaken the senses… by brigitte segura. details below gallery. 

LOTUS wei birdsfoot lotus found in joy juice in SPRAY on the FRESH FACE on FashionDailyMag

FACE the HEAT: 1 Kinerase hydrating Antioxidant Mistkeeps your skin toned with has powerful antioxidants, with kientin to prep your skin for optimal cream absorption…

GET the MOOD on: 2. À VOTRE SANTÉ by Votre Vu Elixir  Essentielhas an herbal fragrance and ‘gives an instant personality boost,’ made with peppermint + fruit oils  3. lotus weiMist of Infinite LoveEnergy awakens your affectionate nature and enhances magnetism with sweet rose and red mandarin, spray on face and shoulders, while lotus wei JOY JUiCE gives you a playful energy, made with chocolate flower and african daisy… FDM LOVES the 6 pack that also includes  INNER PEACE + INSPIRED ACTION in travel size, anytime you need a mood adjustment!

a fresh fragrant ECO- BOOST all around:  4 Melvita Rose Floral water, recommended for delicate skin, acts as an astringent while it moisturizes and lightly perfumes the skin + MELVITA lavender water to relax and calm.. ECOCERT France certified 99.91% from organic farming 5SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Orange Blossom Water– [add the spray] famous for its antiseptic, purifying and anti-oxidant properties, reduces puffiness under the eyes, protects the skin against aggressive environmental elements and relieves tired, aching muscles in the bath. ON the GO,  anytime in the heat 6. EVIAN mineral water spray duo to go refreshes instantly, keep in your bag! Lotus Wei at MySpaShop:

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