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Flower Power and Rosepops

Talk about Flower Power and Rosepops.  If you love flowers like I do, and like to have a bouquet or two at home, here’s a perfect way to surround yourself with some roses that last.   With the occasion of Valentine’s day in mind, here’s an alternative for the rush to get those long stemmed roses.  Rosepops roses are preserved petals.  Real roses with real petals, that can last up to a year and sustainability in check!

Flower Power and Rosepops written by Brigitte Segura.

FashionDailyMag Lifestyle editor #brigitteseguracurator.

photos: Brigitte Segura


When I first saw this heart box of roses, I thought flowers were not real!  I got the Rosepops box customized with roses in haute pink!  They smell nice and frankly, I would buy the box for myself again just for the convenience, cuteness and sustainability.  It reminds me of a vintage hat box and the package is so light, I love moving it from one room to another whenever the mood strikes.   So perfect to gift yourself for VDAY or send to a friend.  Plus, I love that these flowers last and are fresh to look at in between fresh floral bouquets I get at the store.

Another “cutest thing” moment I had was the single rose from RosePops.   It’s tiny, comes in a fabulous little black box and looks perfect on my desk.  Plus, I got it personalized to have a little shiny “B” on the ribbon.  Adorabs, and again, perfect for me, me, me.   Ok, maybe a personalized RosePops for a friend too;  Or your valentine, though I’m not sure if a dude would appreciate it as much as your girl BFF. 

About: Rosepops works exclusively with Ecuadorian farms that offer fine preserved petals, and the flowers remain robust for one year or longer. The roses “pop out” of the box with unique personalization available to make your gift unique including custom blended fragrances, monograms, and charms.  $30-300. (rosepops)

Flower Power and Rosepops by Brigitte Segura.


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