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BELIEVE in the HYPE:  CHILL out and ground yourself already!  While many of us are wondering about the efficacy of CBD and whether its benefits truly apply to our individual needs, adding a ‘drop’ of wellness (TONIC) into your daily selfcare routine has never been so easy.

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While this is a hot conversation with just about everyone lately, it can be confusing what to try and for what purpose. From the local pop-up to the corner deli to the alternative health facility carrying the range of products,  the explanation of the products, their uses, strengths, and their origins can be even more confusing… even after the explanation. We recently took a close look at Tricolla farms – a hemp farm located in Upstate New York at their TONIC POP-UP locally in NYC.

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TONIC is a project by Tricolla Farms – a hemp farm located in Upstate New York owned by Brittany and Eric Carbone. They, like many others, were interested in the therapeutic effects of CBD, but were dissatisfied with the bunk quality of most CBD products on the market. They decided to grow their own – founding Tonic CBD in an effort to bring transparency and quality to the CBD game. A small family operation, with passionate ownership thats grows and knows their plants. This isn’t reggie and they have receipts – they openly host lab reports of their plants on their website, and even feature Blue Bite NFC Authentication – QR codes on their boxes that will tell you detailed information on what plant went into your exact tincture, bringing unprecedented levels of quality assurance to their products. They have a variety of high quality hemp products, but the standouts to us here at FDM are the tinctures – specifically “The O.G.” and “Grounded” blends.

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from the editor:  I was looking for relief from my migraines after an acccident, as well as keeping the mood chill, grounded and of course, to sleep better.   One of the big promises of CBD is reducing inflammation and stress, which seems to be every single person’s problem.   What I found out at the TONIC pop-up is that I can add a few drops of CBD oil in my drink (even soda), take it orally, or put it right on my skin if I have a wound. – brigitte segura

At the local pop-up event,  I was suffering from the seasonal cold and cough and was coughing during the presentation.  I was offered a drink and tried a few drops CBD oil added…. Two drinks later, my sinuses were clear, I could breathe, and my voice didn’t sound so nasal.    Effective? for me, yes, I could breathe without the symptomatic cold interruptions naturally for a few hours.  Although it’s not my go to for everything, it’s pretty close and the cute package is indeed in my handbag.


A couple of faves from this brand: The O.G. blend is the first tincture blend founder Brittany Carbone created and to this day, she takes it daily- a combination of their signature CBD extract and ashwagandha, a reknowned adaptogen, and a potent combination that combats stress and restores mental clarity, effective for daily use and a potential staple in any homeopathic medicine regimen.

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The GROUNDED blend is a multitude tincture a “whole flower” extract that emphasizes the minor terpenes and cannabinoids, imbuing a noticeably earthier taste reflective of hemps deep flavor profile. “Grounded” isn’t overpowering in flavor and easily added to a drink to help mellow out, but also has potent anti-inflammatory properties.  We tested it for ourselves and have seen visible reduction in inflammation – we can confirm this is some good shiznit.

The answer is clear:  the natural stress relieving remedy is in reducing inflamation and stress… and that applies to every one of us. You can find these products and more, including other tincture blends, pre-rolls, and CBD dog treats at // @tonic_cbd.

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Oh, and they didn’t pay us to say this.   We believe in this product, its natural remedy, and the purity of this brand.  period.

FIX your VIBE with CBD TONIC story by #brigitteseguracurator.

written by: Julien Segura // @socialcuratorsnyc.

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photo credit: Mary Dietrich for Tonic // The Digs by Tonic.  @tonic_cbd

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