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early FALL skincare: Dr. Y secrets

Beauty resolutions: fall skincare. As the weather keeps changing from hot to cold, especially in the morning and night, it’s time to address the face. Try not to wait till it’s an official holiday before taking care of the skin, as it’s confused enough with the weather as it is.


So in the quest to find a transitional routine – not too heavy for warm days, not too light for cooler days, we checked out the new range from Dr. Y secrets.

What’s the secret? loving yourself, loving your skin. It seems like a cliché, but for girlies like me that take care of their skin, looking good up close without a pound of makeup is golden. Dr. Y secrets skincare is formulated by a dermatologist – Dr. Yelena Yeretsky, i.e. Dr. Y., and the formula is not too complicated to use.  Science does meet luxury here as the anti-aging formula is designed for efficacy, while its texture and heavenly rose scent is designed to make you glow- and love yourself.

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When was the last time someone said ‘you smell so nice’ during the kiss-kiss? It’s usually my hair product,  but I recently tried the essential moisturizer in the afternoon to refresh during NYFW and got the compliment about my face smelling nice, not my hair or perfume for once.  What’s also great about this regime is that it’s minimal – you can use 2-3 products and look great, or you can use all 5 once in a while and look even better. That’s it: cleanser, toner, eye cream, face cream, and a serum at night.



step 1: The Luxurious Foaming Cleanser: a formula to gently clean away impurities and toxins, regenerating your skin.  The soothing effect of pressed rose petals fused with a mild touch  of alpha hydroxy acids, leaves your skin glowing. Bonus: it also helps curb adult acne.

Dr. Y’s how to:  Put the cleanser into your hand and inhale. Spread this lovely aromatic foam across your face. (Seduction by roses? We think so :). In the morning, set a positive intention for your day. At night, name three things that you are grateful for. Breathe as you move this cleanser in a circular motion, always going against gravity.

“Imagine yourself in an enchanting garden full of blooming roses.”

step 2 is my current fave: The sweet scented Essential Moisturizer treats your skin with healing hydration, soothing and skin-smoothing agents to help it look lifted.  Skin looks healthy naturally, and makeup goes on smoothly after application.  Serum not needed, thanks.  Brighter, glowing skin in “pampered perfection.”   Bonus prize: you will get compliments when someone comes close to you- a hint of roses.   I like to apply it later in the day to refresh before going to an event, and I apply more makeup over it.  Can be used at night too, and it’s perfect for this time of the year.  Moisturizing enough without weighing you down.

step 3: The Radiant Eye Crème is an intensive formula with alpha hydroxy acids and pressed rose petals. It helps effectively diminish the signs of aging – including fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, firming up the delicate skin around the eyes.  The milky lightweight texture goes on smooth and absorbs immediately.



The Star-Powered PM Serum treats your skin with a formula that helps reduce the depth of wrinkles while you sleep. Power packed with ingredients to help stimulate collagen production, neutralizing free radicals for visible firming Wake up with a refreshed, smoother glow and moisturized face. This serum contains retinol,  and should be used every few days until you build up to daily use every night.   In the meantime, you can alternate with the essential moisturizer for nights.

The Illuminating Toner gently tones skin, sloughing off layers of dead cells and illuminating your best face. With alpha hydroxy acids and pressed rose petals, the solution is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prepare your skin to receive the highest-quality treatment.  Also great to refresh the face in the afternoon, and has a mild scent of roses.

The product range is from $40-90, at  Go ahead, take a better selfie!


early FALL skincare

: Dr. Y secrets written by Brigitte Segura.

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