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SKINCARE science meets luxury

As the summer is technically coming to a end (crying), skincare is first on my beauty agenda. Call it vanity, I call it girlie maintenance.  And as most of you know by now, my personal philosophy is all about great skin. I’m light on the makeup and heavy on the flawless face ~ preferably au naturel.

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So on my latest quest for early fall-friendly beauty, I came across a newbie called Dr. Y secrets that just launched online.  When I discovered the founder was located  downtown NYC, I decided to stop in, look around, and chat with Dr. Yelena Yeretsky, i.e. Dr. Y., at Clinique YFT medical aesthetics. I mean, how often do you get a chance to meet the creator of your face beautifier, right? Game! I’m was hoping to find out the “secrets”.

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I met the charming Dr. Y in her office located on the ground level of a west village brownstone, where a chandelier hangs in the window. Already feeling the warmth as soon as I walked in, I met Dr. Y in a bright + cozy (yet sterile enough) office with an old fashioned doc participation, where Dr. Y is up close, personal, and behind the curtain with celebs + many wall street business executives.

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With NYFW quickly approaching and pressure to look my best was definitely on the mind. We chatted a bit about today’s dermo options, her skincare line, and why she created it.  Considering that Dr. Y’s background is in medical aesthetics, it was nice to hear her talk about anti-aging skincare, scents, and textures, like any another woman – not a doc.  She understood my NYC fashion + social lifestyle – ‘cause she’s one of us too…

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“Combining science with luxury” is what this is all about!  This lovely lady began sharing her beauty stories, and why it’s important to maintain your skin health without over toxifying the face. Why should we as women compromise with clinical or medical smelling products to get efficacy in skin care? Dr. Y combines medical knowledge with beauty and considers lifestyle in creating her skincare line: 5 products total, 3 to use daily. That’s it.

BRIGITTE: what did you do before you created the Dr. Y secrets line?
Dr. Y : medical aesthetics – this is self-improvement and self-love using medicine to feel good!

BRIGITTE: What inspired you to do this collection of skincare? There are a lot of skincare out there – why another one?

Dr. Y: It was my childhood dream to have a skincare line!

Coming from a medical background, I always had 2 skincare lines in the office. The medical skincare, which can be costly, and can irritate skin. Most of my clients have to choose either Medicinal skincare or Luxury skincare.

I thought, why can’t we have a line that has it all.. efficient anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a nice hydration, with a pleasant scent and texture any woman would appreciate. I felt like I had to find a solution kept combining the two kinds of lines, and voila, my Dr. Y secrets came about.  And, some products from the range can be used right after a DERMO treatment.

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BRIGITTE: What do you think is missing from skin care in general. What is your philosophy?

Dr. Y: My products fuse science with luxury: and luxury is lack of time. 5 anti-aging products including cleanser, serum, moisturizer, toner and night treatment.  Luxury with an affordable luxury price between $40-90 for a 3m supply per item.  We have no time, and we always need to look good! My philosophy: quality of life is essential to achieve optimum health and beauty!

“…You should be looking like your best beautiful self, ready to face the world with confidence, every day.” – Yelena Yeretsky

I got close up and smelled the roses ~ or rather, the divine roses + cherries, which incidentally are anti- inflammatory and in Dr. Y’s secrets essential moisturizer. Divine. check out the range, now available on line, or drop into the cute shop in the west village.

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skincare: science meets luxury commentary + interview by Brigitte Segura.

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brigitte segura | FashionDailyMag

Cassie Dubique | FashionDailyMag

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about Dr. Y:

Dr. Yelena Yeretsky is an internationally-recognized specialist in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine, with years of experience improving her patients’ appearances and overall quality of life.  She combines her attention to detail with healing techniques to create subtle transformations that gracefully rejuvenate the skin, revealing the patient’s true character.  Dr. Yeretsky is the Founder of a boutique private practice, Clinique YFT Medical Aesthetics For Women and Men, located in the heart of NYC’s West Village. The philosophy: quality of life is essential to achieve optimum health and beauty.

shop Dr. Y secrets.

brigitte segura with Dr. Yelena Yeretsky FashionDailyMag 5

more info on Dr. Y.

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photo credits:

brigitte segura | FashionDailyMag

Cassie Dubique | FashionDailyMag