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Live a more curated life for the New Year! For the love of fashion, beauty and girl-friendly lifestyle, there’s an App CURATED by WOMEN: the CLICKHER APP helps you get away from an overload of social media Apps to a relaxed easy to use space.  The App features easy to browse content that helps you discover and connect to great posts about fashion, beauty and lifestyle without a lot of distractions. Curated for women by women, CLICKher is a chillax way to scroll and enables us to view curated content that connects to different social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok as well as blogs without having to go on individual platforms. 

CURATED by WOMEN: the CLICKHER APP review Brigitte Segura.

FashionDailyMag Lifestyle Editor #brigitteseguracurator.


As an editor, curator, creator, and platform influencer, there’s constant movement and exciting video content on all my social media feeds.  Lately, there’s so much new activity with updates, features and messages, and how-to video posts and APPS on my social media feeds,  it can get overwhelming fast. After a few minutes of scrolling my IG or TikTok, the posts are getting faster and faster, busier with copy, louder, and sometimes more fun! But at times, too stimulating to focus on anything for more than a few seconds.  

The Clickher App is a great escape from all the noise, and makes great content accessible..   Once you find a post headline you like in the feed, click and it redirects to where the platform published, and with a switch back, you can go right back to your nice noise-free feed on the Clickher App to find your next post to check out.   Check my video post how IG @ fashiondailymag.


l read a few in fashion and beauty posts, and can I tell you? I did learn a few new tips about skincare and and fashion, and the experience felt like I was reading a book or an easy blog on my phone instead of scrolling like a teenager on IG.

When was the last time you “read” what a creator posted on social media, and were able to find the story and read through it on their site connecting from the social media post? I read two stories on different blogs, a few Youtube videos, and some IG and TikTok.  

WHY this app? it’s a chillax way to see and read curated content! it doesn’t feel like a TV commercial and has stories with topics of interest (and usefulness). The content is curated by real women for women, and  the curators have done a pretty great job scouring the web for good content, not just famous content. You’ll find things such as new beauty tips, styling tips, everyday tips and hacks. Content may be from less well known creators on social media, but it is compelling enough to engage a NYC Fashion Editor like me.


Here’s a glimpse of my experience on the CLICKHER APP:

I found two NEW beauty hacks using a basic product I have at home.  And yes, I already knew some hacks with the same product, but not the two new ones I learned!  It was from a blogger I had not heard about before, and I was happy to go straight from the app to land on a page that was informative, readable and enjoyable without ads and distractions.  I read most of the story, learned something new, and I already tried it!  How nice is it to see something new that’s useful by just clicking on one story after scrolling for a couple of seconds?
One post that piqued my interest was about Fashion trends.   I found the headline interesting, and the story directed me to a young and ambitious influencer on youtube with some blue graphics in the background.  Pretty cute, and though the influencer intro was a bit longer than usual, once she started to show us trends, photos and styles I found her engaging.


She went on to talk about some shoes, a brand that was once popular, and is very popular again.  But did you know which is the trending model the teenagers are talking about from the brand?   I smiled big and bigger when I saw the model of the fuzzy boot I just heard about last week, from a teen!!
I remember thinking, “Oh, of course I know about that shoe!” well, it was a different model than I thought.  I have to say I learned about it from the youtube influencer I discovered from the app. Plus, I learned that fat belts are cool again?   I’m going to try it out, TBH…
WHY I like the APP:  I like it because I don’t want to waste time scrolling, the curators really do a great job finding good content.  Plus, I was happy reading or viewing most stories I clicked on in the APP.


APP DESCRIPTION: a super-curated beauty and fashion app brought by Curated Media,  Clickher curators search the web and social networks for the latest styles, tips, and trends and then highlights those little-known creators that wouldn’t normally make it to the top of your feed. The result is an algorithm-free feed with fresh content produced by creators who are often overlooked by big search engines and social networks. Check out the app. You can download Clickher in the Apple app or Google Play stores.


CURATED by WOMEN: the CLICKHER APP review Brigitte Segura.

FashionDailyMag Lifestyle Editor #brigitteseguracurator.

 @brigitte_segura @fashiondailymag TikTok: @brigittesegura

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