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CHILLAX: GoKu Japanese head massage

from the editor:  There’s a new massage on my horizon and it’s the head massage by GoKu!  Whaa yes, a full on scalp / head treatment focusing on relaxing you to get a better night’s rest. With a waitlist of 3 months in Japan, GoKu’s founder Atsumi Kaneda created a technique to help us city folks get into the most relaxed state possible, and helping us drift off into ‘a peaceful night’s slumber…’ or in my case, a sweet catnap like no other. 

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GOKU SLEEP // self care


SELF CARE, focusing exclusively on the scalp is the GoKu concept.  In the US, a third of us (!) are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. Created by the founder to help get over her own insomnia,  the waitlist for GoKu and Kaneda’s  Kaneda created her special form of treatment called Zecchou currently has a wait list of 490,000 people in Japan… and a treatment center is now in my NYC!

Prior to creating GoKu, Kaneda studied under various doctors, acupuncturists, and healers to gain knowledge and techniques about what induces maximum relaxation and puts the body in the optimal state for sleep.  The Zecchou Sleep (meaning “ultimate sleep”),  is done without water or oil… (and feels AMAZING!) Check out the amazing space + lights + art walkway leading to the rooms, where I did indeed take a nap in the chair.

 GOKU japanese head massage ph brigitte segura FashionDailyMag fashion brigitteseguracurator

‘The technique is composed of twenty-one types of strokes. Pressure and direction using the fingers are applied to the scalp, face, and muscles of the head.  The therapist’s hands move slowly to loosen the muscles of the head which result in more blood flow and circulation… The pressure slowly stimulates the parasympathetic nerves system, encouraging a wonderful sleep. This sleep is different from meditation or nighttime sleep, it is a new experience of a pleasurable dreamy land.”

from the editor: CHILLAX:  This is probably the best gift you for anyone that is stressed and/or can’t sleep at night.   After going to a couple of sessions, I noticed my sleep was more deep in the next couple of days, but not necessarily a longer sleep.   I was on my game (better!) the following days with better focus, catching up to a few loose ends. Though everyone’s experiences can be on a different level, my take away is YES to self care, it’s an amazing experience.   Who knew you had so many sore spots on your head that needed a massage?   Walk thru the lights, chillas and nap in the chair, and have a tea and go back to whatever you were doing.  Tell them Brigitte sent you from FashionDailyMag for an xtra 15 minutes with your treatment.   starting at about $100-150 ish+ for treatments.

Goku spa is located in the 30’s in NYC (929) 336-3088 and visit: gokusleep. (mention fashiondailymag)

CHILLAX: GoKu Japanese head massage commentary + pics #brigitteseguracurator.

head photo: masahiro nogushi x GoKu

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