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CHEERS to a cozy holiday season!

 ’tis already feeling like sparkle season came early this year…  With all the holiday festivities coming soon, here are a few drinks to spice up the dinner or dessert   Perfect for the holiday:  wine, chai and coffee to cheer and chill with friends and family.

tea time is now CHAI:

Wissotzky Tea Signature Collection’s excellent Artisan Chai Tea series brings market spices and renowned flavors together in elegant packaging and silk tea bags. Exotic tea flavors include the Tumeric Ginger Spiced Chai, salted caramel, and the Pumpkin Spiced Chai.  Rich flavor, fancy packaging.. Pick it up at your local,  gift as a stocking stuffer! (about $7)
let’s STEEP together: Thanksgiving dinner can be chock full of intense preparation, and Steeped Coffee is the antithesis to that. Easy to make coffee that needs only a steep to prepare. Pretty much, just add water like a tea bag.  Steeped coffee is ethically sourced and traded fairly, and they have a wide assortment of roasts from dark to light. Our favorite is the California Blend Medium Roast. A sweet, lighter blend with chocolate notes and mild acidity.   Though the subscription service may not deliver in time for the feast this season, get it before the next holiday arrives… and save time on your morning coffee routine.  more @brigitte_segura FOODIE stories on IGstories.
HOLIDAY 2019 KOSHER WINE Carmel Winery Private Collection FashionDailyMag photo brigitte segura
From Carmel Winery, one of the first and largest winemakers in Israel with over 137 years in the region, has come out with a new Carmel Winery Private Collection series. An excellent, modest price point set of Kosher certified wine, perfect for the holidays. Their Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic full-bodied red with distinct Oak notes.  The Shiraz is a deep purple red, rich with notes of plum and blackberry.  (about $15).
CHEERS to a cozy holiday season! commentary + faves #brigitteseguracurator
written by: Julien Segura.
assistant: Emmanuel @WeirdSundays
more curated gifts and holiday 2019 ideas coming soon!
HOLIDAY 2019 KOSHER WINE Carmel Winery Private Collection FashionDailyMag photo brigitte segura 2