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CBD oil: new year no pain

Cheers to no pain in 2020, thanks to CBD.  While it’s amazing to find a huge range of CBD products, it’s hard to know where to start, what to get ~ especially if you’re not hip to the current hemp terminology.   One thing is for sure, CBD is the anti-inflammatory to reach for that can also relieve pain.  While we’ve tried out a few muscle and joint relief CBD oils and ointments, we found a couple of standout products from ThompsonAlchemists designed for an active lifestyle.


CBD oil: new year no pain by Brigitte Segura.

Natural and THC free, the ‘ROLLIN’ ON EASY’ roll on with 100 mg CBD was created for athletes, runners and New Yorkers on the go that needed muscle relief on the go.   The roll helps massage the area while applying, without having to actually touch the product.   There is a menthol scent when applied, and by the time the scent goes away (give it a few minutes,) you start to forget about the pain.   Ask yourself 15 minutes later how you feel if you remember the pain.

from the editor: The CBD massage oil goes on smooth without being sticky.   My favorite is the lavender scent and the formula is so nice you can apply like a body oil.  I have been using it as needed instead of my steroid muscle pain ointment, and it works to relieve my pain even better!   my tip:  At night, before going to bed I add it into my routine to add a bit of the oil to my injured back area, keeping the inflammation down so I have an even better night’s sleep.

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About: Thompson Alchemists was created by mom and pop favorite soho pharmacy founders of Thompson Chemists, Jolie and Gary Alony.   After trying out and carrying many brands of CBD products in their store,  they created a range of wellness products including a CBD range that make sense to New York City active people.   Designed for New Yorkers, made for everyone.  (ask for a #FashionDailyMag20 discount)

check out the Thompson ALchemists range, call the store for a curated selection.   They will deliver in NYC, ship in the US! (132 Thompson St. // call : 212-598-9790 // Email:

CBD oil: new year no pain by Brigitte Segura

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