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Catching up in NYC: It’s the fundraising for good season, and DOGS RESCUE ROCKS NYC just held the annual ‘Cocktails for Canines’ Gala for to help fund the New Rescue Center. I joined some fashionable and canine loving friends recently in NYC to celebrate. Co-chaired by Georgina Bloomberg and Lara Trump, The not-for-profit animal rescue organization Rescue Dogs Rock NYC (RDRNYC) raised funds and more awareness to help animals in need at the recent event.

Brigitte Segura Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Cocktails for Canines
Brigitte Segura attends Rescue Dogs Rock NYC (Photo by Michael Ostuni/PMC/PMC).

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Gala Raises Funds Towards New Rescue Center.

FashionDailyMag Lifestyle Editor Brigitte Segura.

Photo Credits : Michael Ostuni/PMC / Getty (gallery 1)

atmospheric people vibes photos #brigitteseguracurator. (gallery 2)

Atmospheric video/photos: @Brigitte_Segura

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Cocktails for Canines

The Charity has acquired their own rescue and rehabilitation center in Suffolk County on Long Island, giving Rescue Dogs Rock NYC a home to care for more needy and deserving dogs. The center sits on half an acre and allows indoor/outdoor kennels and has lots of outdoor space.

Notable and Fashionable people attending included: Jackie O’Sullivan, Stacey Silverstein, Georgina Bloomberg, Lara Trump, Marin Gellar, Jean Shafiroff, Rita Cosby, Judy Gilbert, Nicole Tufano, Jennifer Martucci, Mrs. Moadelovddian, Leesa Rowland, Brigitte Segura, Jeanine Pirro, Cagri Kanver, Marcy Warren, Nicole Tufano, Mrs. Shanoz, Margaret Luce, and more… check out our social media @fashiondailymag and @brigitte_segura for more friends and animal supporters at the event!

The development of the center is a project which has been 3 years in the making. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is excited to have come this far. Despite raising $150,000 at the Gala, the charity still anticipates requiring approximately $150,000 to get the rescue center ready, to open it and start taking in dogs. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s outreach and education is spread through their website and social media, as well as community events such as their annual gala.

About Rescue Dogs Rock NYC:

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is a 501(c)(3), volunteer and foster based rescue. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s goal is to raise awareness of the ever-growing plight of homeless animals in the United States, in shelters as well as those abandoned in the streets. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC introduces these animals to the public and educates them that unwanted companion animals are not damaged goods or unworthy but can be fostered into wonderful family pets.

Atmospheric people vibes photos #brigitteseguracurator. (gallery 2 below);

Atmospheric video @Brigitte_Segura

The Rescue Dogs Rock NYC mission: Co-founded by Jackie O’Sullivan and Stacey Silverstein, the not for profit aims to rescue animals and provide them with immediate emergency care, medical or otherwise, they need and deserve. Aside medical treatments, the animals are rehabilitated through trainers and behavior specialists to help overcome past trauma. The organization relies on a network of volunteers, fosters and adopters to welcome these animals into their homes and provides them with a nurturing and caring environment. Jackie O’Sullivan and Stacey Silverstein are the co-Founders of not for profit animal rescue called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Gala Raises Funds Towards New Rescue Center.

FashionDailyMag Lifestyle Editor Brigitte Segura.

Photo Credits :Michael Ostuni/PMC / Getty and atmospheric people vibes by #brigitteseguracurator.

Atmospheric video/photos: @Brigitte_Segura.

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