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catching UP: BECCA Cason Thrash talks COUTURE

Le GRANDe style of BECCA CASON THRASH… CATCHING up with a couture collector: known for her FAB fetes + fundraisers with an undeniable understanding of fashion, THRASH shares some of her personal COUTURE loves and finds on the runway with FDM’s brigitte segura, graciously answering some questions about designers,  their talents, and commenting on the SCENE at international social circles on FASHION DAILY MAG.

BECCA CASON THRASH wearing NAEEM KHAN on FashionDailyMag

BECCA knows how to have fun, she orchestrates parties for 300+ in her Houston home [where the CHIC and fab are fussed over], is friends with rock stars, royalty, and countless designers.  She’s even hosted a dinner for the President…Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor :  Brigitte Segura // fashiondailymag .

Fashion + Couture.

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BECCA with PRESIDENT OBAMA photo PWL studio | courtesy of BECCA CASON THRASH on FashionDailyMag

brigitte segura [fdm]:  I would love to talk fashion with you, but let’s start with a few pieces that stood out from your selection shown on the runway 
at FASHION HOUSTON. The first piece, was that GAULTIER or McQUEEN?

BECCA CASON THRASH [B]: GAULTIER! I remember I was with my husband [JOHN] in Paris at Gaultier to fit an HAUTE COUTURE cocktail dress I had ordered, and the CROC tail coat was hanging on the wall in the atelier like a piece of art. He said: “you HAVE to have it! it is amazing”.. My husband [JOHN] has a great fashion sense of style and often influences my fashion decisions…

fdm: all designers referenced have had amazing careers and obviously are quite capable. Is it fair to ask, who do you favor, which 5 designers give you an instant smile?


fdm: I remember you had a leopard YSL gown from the 80’s, very NOW… a high neck, long sleeve leopard dress.

B: I got that piece out of storage for the YSL retrospective in San Francisco three years ago. The show was curated by Pierre Bergé. That dress was one of 85 pieces curated out of thousands YSL had designed in his entire career.

Jean Paul Gaultier couture from BECCA CASON THRASH collection FashionDailyMag ph CodyBess

fdm: there was a great video shown at the Fashion Houston show,  where we see you chatting and working with a handful
 of designers… there was one with KARL LAGERFELD, is he really that serious all the time? how about GAULTIER, is he funny? can you add little bits of their personalities to your responses?

B: Jean Paul Gaultier is absolutely precious. So fun, happy and upbeat all the time. Karl, I really don’t know as well.

fdm: BECCA, you are very thin, the pieces didn’t fit some of the healthy models. hee hee …that was very generous of you, to let someone else wear your precious couture.
B: The original plan was going to showcase my personal collection of Alexander McQueen on
mannequins… but my pieces were not comparable to the ones in the MET retrospective, so we decided to expand and show a variety of designers on models.


fdm: speaking of McQueen, what are your thoughts on him, was he arrogant? Do you think SARAH BURTON is doing a good job?

B: ALEXANDER McQUEEN was by far one of the most innovative and creative designers to ever live.  His career span of over twenty years, his background from Saville Row, then pret-a-porter, coupled with his stint as Creative Director at Givenchy haute couture, ultimately led to his own line. He was a revolutionary thinker; his kind of genius exceeds mortal imagination.

B: As for Sarah Burton, she was by his side day and night for 15 years and is the only person that could have taken the reigns. That said, she is NOT McQueen, but now that the master is gone, Sarah is able to take his ethereal vision and recreate that essence into McQueen today.

ALEXANDER McQUEEN houndstooth from BECCA CASON THRASH couture photo cody bess FashionDailyMag


fdm:…let’s jump to the question of the hour every FASHIONista and wannabe [expert] wants to know…
WHO should succeed GALLIANO for DIOR? carine roitfeld says MARC JACOBS, there’s a buzz about
 young alexander wang… you have seen so many designers up close and in action, can you name three that could do the job?

B: McQueen and CHRISTOBEL BALENCIAGA, if they were still with us.. here are my picks that are
 alive and well:

 GAULTIER!!!! he’s every bit as creative as Alexander McQueen, he could design DIOR in his sleep! I once
 saw a show he did in Paris where every item was made of bread… Astounding!
CHRISTIAN LACROIX- no one is more FRENCH and feminine in their design, there’s not a lot of that
 out there; he’s still young enough and experienced to do DIOR.

STEFANO PILATI could do it! he’s been at YSL for a number of years, and designs with a modern homage to 
the label;  so could
TOM FORD! his own line is small and has limited distribution… and MARC JACOBS could, but it won’t happen, as he is staying at Vuitton.

fdm: what are your thoughts on CHADO RALPH RUCCI, the only American designer in 60 years to be
 invited by the French Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture; we loved the CINNABAR ensemble on the Houston Fashion runway..

B:  I did show a few of his pieces. The one you mentioned with the architectural cocoon jacket in cinnabar had an wonderful ostrich bodice topped with that jacket. CHADO’s haute couture pieces are amazing in construction and detail. The linings are even finished out at the highest level. Ralph is 
a master at hidden luxury!

MOSCHINO COUTURE becca cason thrash ph cody bess FashionDailyMag

fdm: WHAT was the BLINGed out black jacket..
B: that one is fun.. the MOTORCYCLE jacket was made of safety pins, it’s MOSCHINO couture-another piece my husband selected! I don’t have a lot of Moschino, but this is one is a special piece.

fdm: wow- your husband has a good eye! it’s so now…

fdm: where do you shop in paris for pret-a-porter? are you a L’eclaireur, Maria Luisa, or Colette girl?
B: All three! I find London; however, to be the best shopping city. Bond Street, Knights Bridge, Sloan Street…. London has all the glamour customers; therefore, you get to see more of the runway pieces.

B: London is a melting pot, everybody is somebody… from America, China, Russia, all over the world! they really dress up in London. The girls wear their jewelry, nothing is on loan; they like to own their pieces. For example, at ELTON JOHN’s annual gala, every single woman is decked out in the most fabulous jewelry and gown, all glamorous and camera ready! FRENCH girls,  dress more discreetely.  At the Louvre gala, there were French women who actually came in pantsuits, or short cocktail dresses. London’s glamour girls remind me of Texas’ glamour girls!!

fdm: we saw a pic of you at the LOUVRE, what were you wearing at the GALA, and those earrings!

BECCA wearing ALEXANDER McQUEEN | photo david atlan | becca cason thrash archive on FashionDailyMag

BECCA wearing ALEXANDER McQUEEN | photo david atlan | FDM

B: My gown was one of the last twelve designed by Alexander McQueen before he died. The earrings are jade and diamond from Fred Leighton; a gift from my husband after I received the ‘Legion of Honor’ last spring.

fdm: how about shopping in NYC, in the US…
B: surprisingly enough, I find great things at SAKS in NYC. Bergdorf’s is more popular with the “ladies,” however, I find the selection is often picked over. As I am friends with many designers, I often go to the showrooms and order directly from them. I also love to shop around the meat packing district for unexpected items…more casual in feel.  the truth is, I like to shop when I travel, as that is when I have more time. Tootsies in
Houston has amazing pieces. Neiman Marcus has the best shoe department ever. I also love Cameron Silver’s Decades in LA, and Webster in Miami. Forty Five Ten in Dallas also has exceptional finds.

fdm: OK, now for your shoe habit
B: I buy shoes everywhere, all over the world, no particular label. J’adore Christian Louboutin …I also wear alaia, miu miu, jimmy choo, and some of the young new shoe designers are creating fabulous, edgy footwear.

fdm: WHATs next for you, BECCA?
B: I am off to Miami for the Basel Art Fair on the 29th. Five days and nights of art and fashion, then off to Bogota, Columbia. When I return, on December 7th I am hosting a party for Vogue magazine and DeBeers Diamonds at my home. In January I will travel to Paris for the haute couture shows and in February I am chairing the Ballet Ball.
“It’s always something, isn’t it?” says Becca with laughing lightly. “It never stops, and I wouldn’t have my life any other way!”

fdm:  exciting, indeed!  I’m sure we’ll be hearing about the Vogue party in our circles… thanks so much for CATCHING up with us on FashionDailyMag et at très beintôt!

photo details + credits :

1. PRESIDENT OBAMA with BECCA CASON THRASH wearing CHANEL  | photo PWL studio | courtesy of BECCA CASON THRASH

2. BECCA at the LOUVRE wearing ALEXANDER McQUEEN dress + Fred Leighton earrings | photo david atlan | courtesy of BECCA CASON THRASH



5. Jean Paul Gaultier Couture | BECCA CASON THRASH collection at Fashion Houston*

6. YSL animal | leopard print dress | Circa,1983 | Fashion Houston | Becca Cason Thrash*

7. MOSCHINO COUTURE | safety pin MOTO jacket in black*.

8. ALEXANDER McQUEEN | houndstooth pattern dress with bow*

*all runway photos [5-8] at Fashion Houston | Becca Cason Thrash | photos Cody Bess [] on FashionDailyMag.

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Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor :  Brigitte Segura // fashiondailymag .

Fashion + Couture.#brigitteseguracurator.  Shop Guides. 

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