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FACE wonders for a LIFT..  Indulging in luxury beauty gives pretty, especially when you’re splurging on superior products that yield (almost) instant results for your face. we appreciate the opulence at FDM; check out some of our recent raves from 3LAB, zelens, Koh Gen Do, and frownies.BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: LAVISH LIFTs for the faceFashionDailyMag beautylifestyle

written by Sarah A. Freiseis

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Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor :  Brigitte Segura // fashiondailymag .

BACKSTAGE bw beauty at DIESEL BLACK GOLD ss12 on FashionDailyMag copy

3 LAB WW CREAM for face FashionDailyMag lifts

High end anti-aging from 3LAB feels fabulous and leaves you looking liking a millions bucks.  It’s no wonder the WW Cream is the golden child of wrinkle reducers at $425 for a 2 ounce pot!!

Admittedly,  a little goes a long way, and there’s nothing else quite like it on the market. The formula also brightens, and is a unique blend of stem cell activators and gold peptides that mixes with natural plant extracts to reverse aging by regenerating skin cells and increasing collagen production. wow.

3 LAB perfect mask skincare on FashionDailyMag beauty for a face lift

the makers of 3LAB are so into bringing dermatological procedure-like products to you… they also offer the Perfect Mask as individual treatments at a more reachable rate, with a 5 pack going for $130. The 100% cotton advanced sheet mask is infused with the world’s first bioengineered growth hormone yielding a younger-looking complexion. The skin is infused with powerful ingredients and nourishing botanical that boosts collagen and fibroblast production, enhances cellular turnover. In combination with protective antioxidants the mask leaves skin firmed and fresh-faced.

The Triple – Action Advanced Eye Cream from Zelens (created by Dr Marko Lens) was formulated using an exclusive hyaluronic moisturizing base enriched with marine collagen.ZELENS triple action eye cream FashionDailyMag lifts

Active ingredients of peptides, antioxidants and plant extracts combine to tighten skin, minimize puffiness, and combat dark circles – all reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle. Enjoy ounce as you apply mornings and night after cleansing daily, in our opinion it’s worth every penny [$120 for .5 oz].

if you’re feeling inspired by the add-ons: for a quick tune-up, try Anti-aging Under Eye and Eye Lid Gel Patches from Frownies.

The 30 minute treatment increases circulation, builds collagen and fights free radical damage diminishing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

Gentle Lifts for Fine Lines around the Lips uses vitamin E serum to smooth out horizontal and vertical lines. The ‘lifts’ come sixty to a pack and are similar to an adhesive bandage, three + hours per use recommended for best results.

Koh Gen Do Brightening Moisture Mask FashionDailyMag beauty

Prefer to slather your skin with nutrient-rich masks yourself? We can’t get over the Koh Gen Do Brightening Moisture Mask,

it uses Moroccan lava clay to clean and tighten pores. Rich in minerals magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium – the mask exfoliates and also balances sebum production with botanical extracts.  Additionally, moisture from Japanese Yumura Hot Springs water and White Birch Sap Juice gives the effect of a steam facial – imagine all this global glamour for only $75 a jar (3.53 oz. / 100g). What about something you can wear without looking like a costumed character…

With all the products to pick from it can be hard to make a choice you feel good about. Give-up the guilt and make an informed decision for yourself. Attractive at its best, here on FashionDailyMag Beauty

backstage beauty image at DIESEL black GOLD ss12 NYFW, courtesy of Diesel.

curated by #brigitteseguracurator.  Shop Guides. 

Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor :  Brigitte Segura // fashiondailymag .

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