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beauty resolutions: FLIRTY CURLS bhave now

Bouncy curls can be flirty again thanks to some new hair products out there. Beauty Resolutions: FLIRTY CURLS bhave now for summer. For many curly haired people like me, many products claiming to defrizz the curl can actually undo the curls making the hair texture even messier. While looking at new ways to groom my curls while keeping the volume and sass, I tried the new bhave range of curly friendly hair products designed to twist, shout, and define the curls. Here’s my personal story and how I’m getting some bounce and fun in my hair. Get the look! (below).

beauty resolutions: FLIRTY CURLS bhave now by Brigitte Segura.

Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor : #brigitteseguracurator.

Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor : #brigitteseguracurator.

From the editor: To get my voluminous look, try my healthy hair 3-4 step look using bhave.

  1. Shampoo with bHave Nourish shampoo 1-2x per week – Max.
  2. Conditioner – daily in the shower, I add Nourish conditioner, work thru ends of hair, and leave in for 3 minutes. I then rinse out most of it, leave a little in.
  3. Style: I use bhave Twist & Shout Curl cream while hair is damp, a quarter size for my curls to reset. Air dry. If it’s a retouch, I spray a bit of water or leave-in conditioner, then add a bit of curl cream to reset.
  4. Final Touch: I put my hair upside down and spray my hair with the super nova “multi-purpose super spray”, especially the ends to help seal the curls and hold the style. Flip hair and go!

Here’s the look:

What I love about this range is that my hair volume is has different textures and the curls are curly yet light, bouncy, and cool. That being said, the beautiful light and bouncy curls may not last as long outdoors in the wind or rain, so refreshing the hair by repeating step 3 as a retouch can help hold the sexy flirty curly hair style all day.

brigitte segura hair @brigitte_ segura

beauty resolutions: FLIRTY CURLS bhave now by Brigitte Segura.

Fashion Daily Mag Lifestyle Editor : #brigitteseguracurator.

Video credits: #BrigitteSeguraCreator. Photo Credits: @NeillovesBriLovesNeil.

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