BEAUTY resolutions: FIAFINI vegan skincare

Vibrantly Vegan:  The latest product from Fiafini Skincare is as effective as it is feel good. The [completely] vegan and cruelty free Exceptional Skin Serum is infused with Vitamin E, anti-oxidants, and cell energizers that protect against free radical damage.  Like the rest of the company’s product range,  the serum contains Marula beauty oil from South Africa, and the lightweight formula defies the effects of aging by sealing in moisture while firming and lifting.

fiafini skin care exceptional skin serum

A youthful face is always in style, no wonder the Fiafini brand has a star studded following including the likes of: Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Selma Hayek.

The complete line includes a delicate cleansing emulsion, a deluxe anti-aging eye cream, and a divine hydration moisturizer. Using natural ingredients including the wonderful Marula Oil, the products are safe for all skin types (even sensitive) and have innovative anti-aging properties. Designed to keep your skin youthful while promoting ethical beauty practices.  Founded in 2003, Fiafini Skincare is headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA and is available at  Written by Sarah A. Freiseis.