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BACK to SCHOOL spotting

When it comes to back to school, one of the first things that comes to mind is shopping for new clothes, shoes, gadgets, backpacks + paper items. Though the shopping extravaganza is typically fun for most parents and students, the UNIFORM situation is yet another issue. The required jumper, pleated skirt or navy blazer is on a lot of parents’ must-have list.

Though UNIFORMS appear to be easy options, which jackets to buy, how many, and what size before they all run out is on the mind of most kids + their parents.

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Though there’s nothing new about this pre-fall ritual and how many school uniforms and sizes to get, there is a new way to deal with the maintenance of the requirement and the stress of keeping the uniforms in check. Many school-friendly uniforms are made in washable fabrics, but the idea of throwing the blazer in the wash daily is not only a nuisance, but it’s a hassle to remember to clean and dry in time when it’s been tossed in the bag, right?

PLUS, most kids, whether fashion forward or not, will try and find a sub for the school uniform in a better cut- which is often best dry cleaned. Not only are the pieces usually more expensive, the fabrics are more difficult to maintain, while the wear and tear is still the same, no matter how carefully maintained. Spillage from lunch or juice in the bag is a pretty common occurrence, even for the most careful kids (or adults!). Walking around in a stained uniform or letterman jacket from a little accident is also not so cool – no matter what age.


We recently discovered a new on-the-go solution for spot cleaning the school uniform or anything dry cleanable. Dryel, the at home dry cleaner folks, came out with a stain pen, designed to clean  more delicate and dry cleanable fabrics and clothes. What does this mean? the pen that can go into a pencil case or your purse is perfect to fix the situation on spot, without ruining your clothes – and no sloppy spills showing.

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The pen itself is fast acting and has a texture on the end that makes it easy to apply.   Perfect for the daily stains on the go, or major ones that happen once in a while.  It also takes the ‘wear and tear’ of the item out of the equation, extending the life of the must-have piece in the wardrobe.  School fashionistas + fashionistos now have a new solution that can fit in the pencil case or bag.

from the editor: I love it because it actually tak


es the stain out immediately if you catch it, minus the harsh scent and worry that you are ruining a piece with the bleach pen option. Easy to use like other stain pens, the texture on the top also makes it easy to blend in a hurry. For part 2 of the equation, if there is still a little stain left on the item, I like to use the pre-stain from Dryel, leave on a few minutes, then dry clean the item. 30 min a

a little tip: For a morning ‘refresher’ of the jacket in the backpack, you can recycle | reuse one of the lightly used sheets and toss around in the bag for 15 min while having breakfast!  Fresher than before, with no wrinkled effect.

currently the Dryel 4-pack Stain Pens are available here, and will be available nationwide soon!

BACK to SCHOOL spotting written by Brigitte Segura.

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