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KEEP your favorite Jacket

We all cherish our favorites, and as a fashion editor, I need to keep the dressy options handy and ready to go events and fashion shows.   And though it may seem like ‘we types’ have an endless wardrobe, NYC girls just don’t have the room to collect anything but favorites;   which brings me to favorite sub-category of sorts in my wardrobe: The metallic jackets.  Ready to come out to play- dolling up my look in a hurry when running from a meeting to an event.

The ‘I can’t let go of my favorite’ story: Has your favorite Jacket or dress lost its flavor? Maybe you forgot about the stain since last season? Or worse, does your jacket just smell like the stain?  We can all relate- even the guys.

Here’s mine: After a recent fire in my building, I acquired alot of water damage which managed to get on many favorite pieces in the closet – the metallic specials included.   Though I had to toss out a few, there was one shiny number that only got partially wet- and I just couldn’t part with it.  It was going to be tough to find a replacement.

FAVORITE JACKET after fire before dryel FashionDailyMag

Determined to make it new, I decided to go on the mission of cleaning it myself, as the drycleaner said they couldn’t get the stain out- or the smell.   My metallic jacket was unlined, so I thought it may work with at home go-to drycleaner, Dryel,  that I normally use to refresh cashmeres and wool jackets.   I tried out the booster spray in addition this time.

FAVORITE JACKET after fire before dryel FashionDailyMag 2

Here’s how it went:

I sprayed the Dryel Booster Spray,  then blotted the stain as per the directions (look at the beige-yellow water stain) on the inside of my jacket.

FAVORITE JACKET after fire PREP dryel FashionDailyMag

Some of it came out right away on the paper towel! I was hopeful.

FAVORITE JACKET after fire pre-stain FashionDailyMag

I put into the Reusable Fabric Protection Bag with another light item that was previously drycleaned but still had the yuk scent, and added 1 ULTRAcleaning Cloth.

FAVORITE JACKET after fire- dryel dryer 1 load FashionDailyMag

After 1 boost + 1 dryel deep cleaning (30min):

The stain on the inside of the jacket faded, but not gone.  On the outside of the jacket, where it would show, the stain was pretty much gone.    Overall the scent was faint of smoke, but it was still there.  So, I thought I’d give it another go?

FAVORITE JACKET after fire- dryel after 1 deep clean FashionDailyMag

FAVORITE JACKET after fire- dryel after 1 clean 2 FashionDailyMag

so I repeated the same: pre-stain and actually sprayed the whole jacket a bit too, then put into the dryer with a new sheet.

after 2x dryel deep cleaning (30 min each):

final back view FAVORITE JACKET after fire- dryel dryer 2 clean FashionDailyMag

Final results:  The stain is mostly gone on the inside of jacket, and absolutely no sign of the stain on the outside.   Also, the the smell went away.   Didn’t smell like roses, but it didn’t smell burnt anymore.   So after a little fragrance touch up, at least one of my GO-TOs will be ready to change me up from day to night again. Yay, saved a fave, and will be flaunting the shiny special soon again :).

Own your look, and KEEP your favorite Jacket written by Brigitte Segura.

more info + testimonials on Dryel.

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