AROMATIC luxury to hydrate your skin

LOVE the LAVENDER: the ULTIMATE relax, soothe, balance + MOISTURIZE for winter skin…  ‘a way to remain relaxed even when life isn’t.’ by brigitte segura

eight body moisture in LAVENDER SKIN luxuries brigitte segura

1. LUX in SKIN rejuvination: EIGHTcrème body wash + body moisture treatment by EIGHT is formulated to hydrate and nourish, smells heavenly…

2. KERSTIN FLORIAN is refined Organic Aromatherapy: Lavender Bath + Body Oil uplifts the senses and leaves the body feeling revitalized,  perfect for a massage or a little extra in the bath…

3. SMOOTH things over + useMAD GAB moose balm for the extra rough spots… ‘a way to remain relaxed even when life isn’t.’

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