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WALKing the HEELS of summer

Ah,  yes,  those lovely heels we wear that give us the oh not so wonderful reminders after.   A selection of strappy sandals, platforms and heels for the occasion of summer, with little hints of keeping your feet and toes happy.. during and after the wear.  FDM LOVES selection of shoes from stylebop  including PROENZA SCHOULER, SERGIO ROSSI, VALENTINO, CHRISSIE MORRIS, RALPH LAUREN COLLECTION, MARC by MARC, and CAMILLA SKIVGAARD.   accessorize them with FootPetals,  see details and how-tos in image descriptions, stand TALL and walk the HEELS this summer without pain,  by brigitte segura | FashionDailyMag fashion + lifestyle in LUXchic..

fdmLOVES great gatsby StyleBop dress by ROKSANDA ILINCIC shoes SERGIO ROSSI

1. SHOE + sandals for summer 2012, all from stylebop 

2. STRAPPY strips  by Foot Petals are great for gladiators and to prevent blisters from sandal strips, they are skinny enough for thin straps that just rub the foot the wrong way.

3. heavenly heelz  prevent blisters back of heel and your foot slipping out, also great inside a flap that touches your skin- no one will see it.

4. PRESSURE POINTZ are new, just launched May 2012,  to relieve painful shoe pressure, customize for your pain without the view.


5. tip toes  too much of a peep toe is just too much to see. they also help you pad that area that takes the weight- the ball of your foot, for a smoother padded experience.

SUMMER SHOE HAPPY at StyleBop | walk the heels of summer on FDMLOVES

6. klr Kushionz ¾ shoe insoles offer comfort and cushioning from the ball of your foot to the bottom of your heels.  go ahead, take off the shoes without anyone noticing the bright padding

7. STILETTO SHIELDZ put these on the back of the heel to help protect and keep your shoes looking nice longer

editorial image:  GREAT GATSBY on StyleBop dress by ROKSANDA ILINCIC shoes SERGIO ROSSI