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VIONNET: Le retour of a Jewel

We admit that Les Français were the advocates for many [incroyable] discoveries, from  les macaroons de la maison of Laudreé, to Coco Chanel‘s très, très fantastique collections, and then there is Paris Fashion Week, which transmits a mountain of eccentric emotions to fashion enthusiasts around the world. Next to Milan Fashion Week, the collections that emerge out of Paris are truly astonishing- and can be considered some of our favorites. The French, known for the specific intricacy of the details, can transform an article of clothing into a work of art.

Fashion House Vionnet Paris has acclaimed a high stature in architectural attire.  The hundred year old Maison du Vionnet is currently under the rule of Goga Ashkenazi, the woman that was responsible for the re-launch of Vionnet. Ashkenazi not only runs the creative department de la maison but the business component as well, talk about le power woman!

MAISON VIONNNET pre-fall 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 04

Ashkenazi has transformed all aspects of this lost historical gem into a present day diamant. Le joyau’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection left an impressionable imprint. La ligne vividly re-imagined the traditional appeal Madeleine Vionnet had taken on her clothing almost a century ago. The contemporary approach is so distinctive; the geometric lacerations though the fabric and the dynamics of the drapery had proved that Vionnet was definitely a house that hadn’t lost its je ne c’est quoi. Two-toned in black and white, the roots of la collection ran though a multitude of ensembles along with a palette jewel-toned emeralds, garnet, rubies, and sapphires, that served as bloqué to the principal neutral essences.

The symmetry of the ensembles seemed to run shoulder to shoulder, short to long. The geometric panels were affluently layered amongst one another on a handful of dresses, blouses, and tunics. The sculpturally alluring details that Ashkenazi was able to construct from the fabrics attributed to the modernistic, a 3-dimensional personality her line had embraced for Pre-Fall. The luxurious intricacy of the metallic embroideries, bow ties, structural lineage played an important factor to the characteristics of the enables. As for the accessories, Oh mon dieu, were they exceptional; the play on angles, the constructive details, and the combination tonality of the crocodile, satin, suede, and leather, perfectly emphasized Vionnet’s contemporary theme. The Vionnet Pre-Fall 2013 show was a reminder of mastery of the artistry of les Maisons de couture Françaises. We Love! fdmloves selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Julia Paulescu.