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TRENDS in HOLIDAY formalwear

Now that the holiday season has arrived, you may find that you have a few parties or events to attend. And unless we’re talking about an “Ugly Sweater Party” (they seem to become more popular every year, don’t they?), you might want to strut your stuff a little bit. Time is running out to find a new, eye-catching holiday party outfit, so we thought we’d devote a little space to writing up some of the trends that seem to be popping up in seasonal formalwear.

Truthfully, you could find a look book or catalogue of holiday formal wear at any number of shops or catalogues online. So rather than adding one more to the mix, we’re going to take a look at one of the more high profile write-ups out there and examine some of the broader trends it suggests. Specifically we’re talking about Harper’s Bazaar’s list of Christmas party outfits for 2017, which featured a wonderfully diverse selection of looks.

Particular outfits aside, here are some of the things we noticed.

BlackOffShoulder dress 2 holiday 2017 fashiondailymag

Lighter Styles

Holiday parties don’t necessarily demand the same styles as general winter fashion. That said, we of course tend to think of bundling up a little more this time of year, and wearing things that keep us covered and warm. Winter fashion for 2017 seems to be somewhat counterintuitive in this sense, however, and it’s showing through in the holiday looks put forth by Harper’s Bazaar. Off-the-shoulder looks have been trendy throughout the year, and don’t appear to have gone anywhere. Thus, bare shoulders – as well as sheer – appear to be showing up in holiday dresses and outfits. These looks are lighter than we might ordinarily expect, but so long as you have a coat or a wrap for heading into or out of a party, they’re a great deal of fun!

Velvet Pantsuits

Okay, this is one trend we’re echoing more directly, because it was probably the most striking thing Harper’s Bazaar pointed out. Pointing specifically to celebrity looks from the likes of Zendaya and Cate Blanchett, they made a strong case for the bold beauty of a velveteen suit, whether in black or a classic holiday tone.


Black & Gold Are Trendy

The primary thought for a holiday party outfit is usually to go with something colorful. For themed parties in particular this can often make sense. But it’s hard not to notice the prevalence of metallic gold outfits and black outfits. Gold is actually wonderful for the holidays, calling to mind decorative ornaments, glasses of champagne, and general luxury. And black always has a strong effect on those around you. Indeed a recent article discussing the impact of different styles of fashion put it nicely, saying black exudes sophistication to the point that it can even lower confidence in those around you! That’s not to say this is something you should aim for, but it speaks to the power of the perfect black outfit to make you look classy and sophisticated – which is nice during any season.

Dulled Holiday Tones Are Lovely

Black and gold outfits definitely make the greatest impression among the samples we’re looking at. Plus, they keep you from being just one more party guest wearing traditional Christmas colors. That said, however, the same collection of outfits showed that where reds and greens are being used, it tends to be in dulled or muted tones. Rather than going for bright green and red (the sort you might see at some of those Ugly Sweater parties), try to find a dress or outfit with a forest green or maroon hue. It’s a nice way to stay close to the season while maintaining some ordinary formal class.

TRENDS in HOLIDAY formalwear!

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