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TREND on Lingerie in 2015

Lingerie in 2015 is set to offer even more variety for the ladies and the guys too. For women, designers are developing more comfy, ultra-sexy ranges for the fuller-figured woman, so there is even more choice whatever your size. Animal prints and feminine floral designs are still uber popular for 2015, as well as the many gorgeous colors available.

Designers are recognizing that men want something different from their underwear too! Whether it’s for everyday work wear, for playing sports or the gym, or for a night out, there are more styles available just for the guys!

Mens underwear in 2015

In a recent online survey, Garcon Model found that European men prefer brief-style underwear, with trunks coming a close second, and boxers third. Men prefer navy blue to black and want different underwear according to their plans for that day (or night). Take a look at the male sexy lingerie store at to get some inspiration for more adventurous lingerie styles to try if you are looking for a change in 2015.

Womens lingerie in 2015

Ice blue, pale green, mint and pistachio are set to be popular colors this year – a good thing because these hues are flattering to most skin shades. Early in 2015, model Heidi Klum launched a line of sexy, elegant lingerie featuring colorful lace and satin push-up bras. A gorgeous example is her seafoam aqua colored underwire bra, which is lace with a sheer band – perfect for showing a little skin. The range features bras and lingerie in cream tan, strawberry pink, and peach whip. Popular colors for 2015 will include a range of beautiful feminine shades such as blush, peach, apricot, rose, and champagne. Other subtle, sensuous colors include periwinkle, soft blues and Sculptresse’s Liberty collection in deep lilac for the full figured chest.

For fans of stronger, sexier colors, bright pink, coral, and chili pepper will be popular, as well as purple – a livelier alternative to black – which works well with a variety of skin tones. For something a bit different, neon orange, magenta, pink and lime green will be seen in our stores. Mimi Holliday offers something a bit different; for example, bras with a wide lace panel over the shoulder to create a beautifully fun and feminine plunging neckline. Expect to see yellow as the standout color for full-bust lingerie in the spring and summer. More and more brands are releasing babydolls, silk chiffon chemises, slips, lace bodies, lounge pieces (such as camisoles), teddies, and robes to complement their lingerie offerings.

Whether you choose something functional to go with a special outfit, you want to be erotic and exciting, or want to stand out from the crowd, there will be something hot for you in the world of lingerie during 2015, for the guy or gal. TREND on Lingerie in 2015.

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