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TODD SNYDER fall 2013

Todd Snyder goes Rebel Gentleman for Fall 2013 mixing biker boys with businessmen for a bold man this season. Global roadside explorers- think motorcyclists from Britain to Germany– were the quintessential trailblazers for the collection.Think a deep, midnight blue Italian suit in sueded cotton that will definitely leave many speechless. Referencing noteworthy rebels such as Serge Gainsbourg shows how the label, which is two decades strong, is still pushing full steam ahead through focusing on cuts and textiles.

You can’t take the bad boy out of the Todd Snyder man, as a variety of evening suits and everyday pieces transitioned the label’s look beyond the outerwear pieces. Combining retro shapes in pre-wash skins seamlessly with classic topcoats and suits worked well for the label. The abundance of rich fabrics and luxe leathers, seemed to suggest that Synder guy may still ride his Harley, but this time is rolling up to a gala instead of a pub. Simply see the way the designer takes suits, but with the abundance of layering brings the otherwise tough looks into a relaxed, yet tailored territory. The brand also brought effortless Euro sensibilities to life in modern monochromatic knits alongside soft beaver fur collars and cashmere trenches and suits.


From the top-to bottom, denim got a new touch this season. Snyder shook up the basic five-pocket blue jean with the addition of smooth goatskin leathers, while revamping the brand’s Dylan jacket. Combining debonair with the daring worked in the collection, showing how the businessman doesn’t necessarily have to leave his rougher past at the door (or in the closet). Electrifying the fall season was executed through using brighter hues such as mustard yellow leather jackets and turtlenecks, while cooling down with earth toned pieces such as tan cable knits and burnt red leather gloves. Pops of plum on a understated crew sweater made the rebel less dated and more of modern man. Soft leather moved from strictly outerwear to subtly underneath the looks with the cafe racer jacket paired with a brown wool coat, while a sleek black leather jean gave us even more to desire out of the structured textile. Snyder smartly continued the beloved black 1950’s cafe racer coat, which was a diamond in the rough for the designer who found it in a quaint Leeds vintage store. With this collection, Todd Snyder has us ready to burn rubber ! Written by Mary Anderson