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time for SPRING CURLS to bounce

Finally, curly hair is trending on the runway! it’s a fashionable time to embrace and flaunt the big mane. Making voluminous loops during the fall 2015 collections for both women and men, it’s a now a new day for my kind of hair! Celebrating spring, we took a closer look Ouidad – the curl experts at their flagship salon uptown. Known for styling “curls” instead of the traditional “blowout”, we thought we’d take a closer look. What (I) didn’t know was how awesome their full service salon catered to curly hair. So, I took the plunge and had a few things done.

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Personally, I didn’t need to have the look trending to embrace my curls- I love them, and prefer them any day over the wavy more sedate salon look. And, I’ve never really cared about the opinions of the Keratin straightened crew. But, it’s hard to embrace the big mane when it’s windy or humid or when wearing a hat. And, what most people don’t know is how hard it is to maintain the curls au naturel, especially while navigating in this beautiful city… it takes a lot of work to not look wild.

The saving grace is when the cut, color, and health of the hair are good, the looped mane can somewhat land gracefully in a sexy way around the face…an almost forgiving factor during the climate driven drama. Much unlike most peoples’ perception, it takes 2-3 products to keep the hair in check on the go… and that’s just too much to carry around.

So how do you get the look without looking like a hot mess? Here’s how my experience at Ouidad the “we know curls. we love curls. we are curls” salon experience unfolded:

After styling my hair at Ouidad during fashion week, I decided to come in and take a look at their full service: color, highlight. I met with Jason, stylist extraordinare, who chatted with me about how i wear my curls, and what i was looking for. After looking at some color cards, we decided to do a little color, plus a melange of highlights | balayage, gone brighter just in time for spring!

To get the bounce back in the waves that were straightened during the winter months, we started with a “melt down” mask | deep conditioning treatment to nourish the hair, wrapped in salon style (saran wrap) to keep the moisture in. The atmosphere for once was all curls: loose, classic, kinky, tight… everyone in the spacious salon was there to embrace their natural hair.

So far so great- we looked at some base colors, business as usual. Now for the awesome part: an entire balayage experience intended for the curls. A “hand painted” option of different highlight tones meticulously placed on different parts of my curls – the top, darker, mid areas highlighted and some brighter ends throughout. Jason artistically placed brushstrokes to enhance the texture with a play of color on the curls enhancing the loose and kinky textures. Though it looked beautiful watching him, it was the magic after that has convinced me this place is a curly hair maven – uptown of all places.

After the color and a rinse, we moved to the styling station. This is where the methods of different curls are created. The combo of Ouidad products plus the techniques used can enable a style from tight curls to wild curls to waves- and even a “full” (not flat on the face) blowout that is too drastic for me. Maybe it’s the chairs at the station that recline back that do the final trick? No need to stand and bend over to give the final shake at this spot! The seat just reclines back for the added final touch, which in my case, was the “rake and shake.” My hair just got a style groove on with texture and still remained soft. LOVE it! Thanks for the curl love, Ouidad!

time for SPRING CURLS to bounce written by Brigitte Segura.

Ouidad is Located at 37 W. 57th St
(b/w 5th & 6th Ave)
212. 888. 3288
ask for Jason Hallman
more info.

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runway photo credits:

Mica Arganaz by FashionWirePress

Piero Mendez by Brigitte Segura, Randy Brooke | Getty Images and by courtesy.

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