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time for a spring body TONE up

Aah, the Spring tease of warm weather is finally here.  Maybe you are feeling the bright sun is shining ever too brightly on your legs with that residual winter tone? Yes, it’s just the right time to do a body TONE up.  While it’s still cool enough to be covered on most days on the East Coast, you can start smoothing + toning routine now, and uncover the WOW by the time it’s really warmer! Purge some of the the dry winter skin, treat the rough areas, smooth the look of cellulite, tone your legs, and uber moisturize.

Put the tunes on and start the fast walking… summer’s going to be here sooner than you think.  This isn’t a diet solution, but it makes everything look better – and that’s good news.   Here’s a regime we put together that will make you love your body more, just in time for the sandals and flirty dresses!

1. REDUCE the dimpled skin:  For more intense areas that need a boost of tone like the thighs, butt, stomach. LIERAC PARIS: BODY SLIM DRAINAGE-ENHANCING BI-PHASE OIL.  This formula is A bi-phase oil, anti-water retention and anti-cellulite without essential oils and caffeine-free.  It contains 10% vegetal ingredients for “as effective” as caffeine.  We like the easy to pump oil which also gives boost of moisture for post-winter dryness.

2. un-CURVE a bit more: Winter’s over – we don’t need to keep the love handles.  LIERAC PARIS: BODY SLIM STOMACH + WAIST – multi-action concentrate helps “against unwanted abdominal curves.”  Enough said.   This gel-cream specifically targets abdominal fat for a “flat stomach” effect, for “a refined waist and firmer skin.” The brown algae extract + oat polysaccharides combo  gives a dose of magic to flatten a bit.

3. PREP your skin + purge the winter skin: get rid of dry areas, and get your legs, butt, and stomach ready to get a boost of tone. CLARINS PARIS Gommage Exfoliant Peau Neuve can be used before steps #1 or 2 above, or #4 + 5 below to soften, smooth and firm.   Contains Bamboo Powders to exfoliate and smooth, while eliminating rough, dead skin cells- making new skin.  Also contains Mimosa Shea and extracts to prep skin for the following treatments.


4. TONE + firm: For those of us that need a little tighter look, not shrinking. CLARINS PARIS “Tonic” Oil.  Fused with delicious plant extracts including Rosemary, Geranium, and Mint with hazelnut oil, this all around softening and firming oil is a must year round.   Put it on the stomach, hips, legs for an instant softening and toning smoothness with a refreshing scent. Improves the elasticity of the skin while reducing “the look” of stretch marks.

5. SUPER firm:  CLARINS PARIS Extra-Firming Body Cream Lifts, Tone + Comforts.  Again, this product is not for shrinking, but more for toning the skin.   Soothing cream contains an “anti-wrinkle” blend of Lemon Thyme, Centella and Bocoa extracts to help improve skin’s natural elasticity for a sleeker silhouette. Firms, tones and promotes youthful-looking contours for “younger looking skin.”

6.  SOFTEN all over:  PALMER’S Skin Therapy Oil (yes, the cocoa butter people) has an amazing oil that is available at the local drugstore, and is multi-purpose! Preservative free, the skin perfection oil can be used all over the body.  Perfect before it’s too hot outside, while nourishing the flakey skin from winter.  The ingredients are formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone, and aging skin.  Non-greasy | non-staining formula goes on smooth, and can be used on rough spots too. wait a few minutes before you get dressed though.

7.  TARGET rough spots:  tried and true, AQUAPHOR advanced therapy healing ointment by Eucerin is an uber dose of moisture to soften dry skin on elbows, heels, feet.   Especially formulated to improve dry, cracked irritated skin, and available at the local drugstore.

Beauty resolutions: time for a spring body TONE up written by Brigitte Segura.

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