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The Natural look: 5 flawless skin enhancers

From the editor: Let’s just fake it and go.  The “natural” look on the face has never been better under the light.   With NYFW coming up, we the editors, stylists, photographers, models and bloggers are out and about in the city running from castings to designers.   Though we are all about last minute beauty treatments and touch ups during pre-fashion week,  sometimes there’s no option besides the “cover up and go” remedy for tired skin and circles.

Here are 5 of (my) favorites to put on and dare to go “bare” with skin – under the light, in the heat, and on some occasional cooler nights.  Good looking “bare” skin and make up is styling.

from the editor: I’ve been testing out some new “cover ups” including primer + sunscreen combos with SPF since mid-summer to see what actually covers up without being obvious under the light.  The results? I’ve had more “you have beautiful skin” comments lately, and though I have been careful not to “tan” my face, a big part of the “beautiful” is thanks to these wonder covers!  I graciously say “thank you” every time and smile.

For me, the trick was to layer with these light cover up fluid textures, and add a dash of heavier for more coverage in places I really needed to cover by layering and blending.

Here are some of my flawless faves to carry you through fall.

The Natural look- 5 flawless skin enhancers FashionDailyMag

Primer with cover + SPF 30: Zo skin health by Zein Obagi, MD.  Oclipse sunscreen primer spf 30 UVA / UVB protection: this summer I decided to forego tanning my face and put this primer on daily, every time I went out- sometimes with nothing else.  Unlike most “make up” this is a combo that blends into your skin and just beautifies it while protecting.  Put on a little bit after moisturizing as a primer with a little cover, getting face ready for more make-up.   Normally, I follow with Laura Mercier silk creme foundation or BB cream to cover heavy areas of discoloration.   Use much less heavy cover up cream! and it looks au naturel.

Light primer + moisture + SPF 20: Natura Bisse the cure sheer oil-free fluid is great for oily combo skin.  This fluid has a beautiful light consistency, covers up like the primer above in smoothing out the skin texture.  A  little more coverage and light moisture ideal for every type of skin, especially great for combination or oily skin because of its ability to control excess oil and shine.  Again, this doesn’t cover up everything, so I would recommend adding a heavier foundation or BB cream for certain areas.  You can rest assured the combo will blend beautifully without caked on look.  This one makes your skin look and feel smooth and kissable. ($180)

cover up + moisture + primer + SPF 20: Sarah McNamara miracle skin transform spf 20  5 in 1 skin enhancer- this one is another wonderful skin smoother.  The texture on this is heavier (like Zo) but still blends in to skin with a little more coverage.   This is perfect as a stand alone for certain skin, most likely for someone that doesn’t require extra cover up everywhere.  I have been using this alone, and covering up actual “spots” with Laura Mercier high coverage concealer underneath.  (note: the LM concealer is for under eyes, but I use it on spots too).  The results are flawless with a little more cover for later in the day even while it’s sunny. ($48)

Luminous BB: Gerard cosmetics BB+ illumination – this BB creame gives a little luminous shine to your face.  I like to use just a little bit as a final layer on cheekbones and near the brow for a hint of glow.   A little gold with no glitter effect – perfect to enhance your end summer tan, or add a little good shine to your night. ($17 bargain)

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation – Must have in your bag.   This miracle foundation is perfect to just get your skin tone in gear – fast.   Recommended to put over the primers above, or stand alone after moisturizing during cooler months.  This one is a heavy creme, but withstands summer heat, and is perfect to show off your “flawless skin” at night.   This stays in my bag for any emergency spot cover up or discoloration.  Great for making skin tone more even.

The Natural look: 5 flawless skin enhancers written by Brigitte Segura.

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