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TechStyleNYC highlights NYFW

As influencers in the creative realm and early adopters in the consumer spectrum – we like to stay on top of the cutting edge. We got on our geek chic on and cruised the #TechStyleNYC during fashion week to get the deets on all the latest and greatest on the market.

Without a doubt both fashion forward and tech savvy constitute a lifestyle, and that’s how the organizers went about curating the event.

We got a little styling from socially aware + eco friendly label T.Tandon. The collection integrates mostly natural fibers including cottons, linens, silks, and wools that are biodegradable unlike synthetics. Of course when it comes to style, there is more to the story than just the wear. What better judge of how we’ve progressed in society than convenience. Much to our delight, chic and efficient on demand laundry service Boomerang NYC is open 7 day a week!


We also spotted the perfect accent by way raw natural beauty, a nice selection of delicate gems from Meredith Marks jewelry. For something a little bit more punchy, meet the wow factor and  genius that is the 3D printer. From bowties to bags, necklaces and beyond – this innovation is churning out spectacular creations from Shapeways. The mask on display was both beautiful and intriguing.

We’re in tune what’s on the inside affecting what’s on the out so we try our best to keep both sides in balance. Staying hydrated is key, especially during more chaotic than normal times aka fashion week. These electrolyte vitamin from Brode are a discreet dose of an essential boost! Our EIC Brigitte Segura had plenty to say while getting interviewed during a Thync treatment. The wearable technology changes the way you feel — from unwinding to up-charging… its vibes on demand.

Making well informed conscious choices changes the way we see things, and ultimately how we experience them. From trending looks to a new beauty gadget – it’s evident fashion and technology go hand in hand. fdmLOVES Tech Style 2015. Commentary + selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Sarah A. Freiseis.


Photos:  Audrey Froggatt x FashionDailyMag

Brigitte Segura #OOTD:  dress @JScollectionsdresses | fringe bag @Molly_Shaheen

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