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Aah yes, that familiar phrase “you are what you eat” definitely resonates with all of us.   The idea of taking supplements for health is now an every day thing… but taking supplements for your health with beauty benefits? That’s my new WOW.   We may think taking a multi covers it all, but it falls short of adding a little glowing boost, n’est-ce pas?  And on that note, I’ve taken the plunge in trying out a variety that boost beauty from within.   One for hair, one for skin, and one for the overall ‘youth factor’.

In most cases, I talk about great skincare and hair products that enhance, and suggest aesthetic enhancements from lasers to injectibles to improve.   Now I’m sharing a third element: adding a supplement from within for beauty.  It’s not like a WOW newsflash, it’s just now very accessible – and BTW, they worked on me!

The results? Yes,  they all enhance and improve!  Here is a handful of fab possibilities to ingest and improve.

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I’m going to start with hair because it’s part of my obvious brand DNA.  Why would I need any help with that department you say? I realize my voluminous hair is great, but maintaining my hair health isn’t so easy!  Having a lot of fine hair that is curly and color treated- It can break or go unruly any second- and that can be frustrating.   I discovered NUTRAFOL at a dermatologist event recently, and I thought – nah, I don’t need this,  I already have alot of hair.    And though the product has both a mens and womens formula created to help improve thinning hair,  what I didn’t realize that taking a supplement of this nature can make a full head of hair even more voluminous!


Of course hair research has proven that factors such as inflammation, stress, hormones, genetics, and environmental toxins can TAX your hair health. Leveraging the latest in biotechnology, NUTRAFOL uses botanical ingredients shown to improve hair, without compromising health.

What’s even more of a surprise is my hair is growing at a faster speed than usual since I’ve been taking the supplements.   This has become obvious with my personal cycle of professional hair color since I’ve been taking the supplements, and in fact- it’s is now available at my favorite salon uptown, Prive by Laurent D. at Sherry Netherlands (212) 308-7100.


Of course this topic is important to all of us, but for some of us (myself included), outbreaks from dry skin during cold weather, ezcema, psoriasis, and red spots can be not only unsightly, but also stressful within our work life.  Though the same obvious factors we can’t control include inflammation, stress, hormones, genetics, and environmental toxins, it seems taking a supplement to make the problem go away is maybe more acceptable to most when it comes to skin.

My personal take?  I don’t really want to take a prescription drug to band-aid the situation, I would prefer to help my body function better.   So, I’ve gone organic, herbal, and Australian for this one via my alternative health professional* and discovered DERMACO.


What’s nice about this formula is that it maintains healthy skin with the added benefits of flushing toxins from your body and cleansing your blood (think after a fun night). These herbs also support your lymphatic system which is like an “alternative system” in your body. Manufactured in Australia through cold pressed extraction methods retaining “the important bioactivity of all the herbs,” the combo contains oregon grape, burdock, and yellow dock.

These herbs are designed to cleanse and repair internally, yielding a more healthy so you look younger with a glow that will last through the day.   Though the intent is primarily for beautiful skin, the formula is especially supportive for eczema and psoriasis.  For acne + teenage breakouts, a more extensive consult is required for a proper glowing outcome + herbal friends to supplement.   And though it’s available online,  meeting and purchasing through a doc is about 50% less of a cost, which is useful in a long term supplement.  I discovered Dermaco via Dr. Susan Eisen, NYC chiropractor.  5 ave @28th st. (201) 681-6744.  Mention FashionDailyMag for #fdmLOVES2017 discount!


And then I found my new superfood supplement with anti-aging:  Youth Factor  Complete Vitality Complex and Superfood & Antioxidant Boost.  Instead of my typical handful of superfoods, Nerium International had a mission to create a streamlined wellness solution that provides age-fighting benefits both internally as well as externally for your body, cells and skin!  After using the formula for a few weeks now, I’ve noticed a brighter “prettier” complexion without giving up my daily energy.  What’s the big deal you say?  After taking it a few weeks, forgetting to take it – I noticed the difference.  I felt less of a beautiful glow and definitely was more tired.   at Nerium.


Though I don’t understand how all of this can happen with one supplement and the option of a drink mix, the YOUTH FACTOR does help strengthen the immune system, and it sort of looks like my under eye lines are a little less obvious.  Maybe it’s because I’m glowing from this plant based regime.  Additionally, the blend helps with our PH balance!  The two-part system is: Youth Factor Complete Vitality Complex— one tablet daily. The Youth Factor Superfood & Antioxidant Boost for synergistic benefits is using 1 packet with 8 oz of water, juice or smoothie.   Master plan to glow!

SUPPLEMENTING BEAUTY from WITHIN written by by Brigitte Segura.

Photo: John Sosa x @FashionDailyMag @OKNOspacesoho via NEW FASHION vibes in SoHo


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