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SUMMER spirit: SOAP and PAPER to stimulate your mind and body

The eternal summer — enchanting creature that she is — is disappointingly difficult to corner. Sure, relocating to some sultry, balmy destination with golden sunsets and wild nights would probably do the trick (aloha, Maui!). But failing that, a solid plan B involves slathering your body in a healthy dose of denial, and by “denial,” we mean SOAP AND PAPER FACTORY’s lovely beauty products. They are exquisitely packaged, intoxicatingly scented and instantly relaxing. They are the South of France in a tube. 

SOAP AND PAPER’s beauté is all natural, and its fragrances strive to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. (Hear, hear. Why sweat through a yoga class when you could just light a soy candle instead?) These charming but not-too-frou-frou products are just the stuff to keep September at bay. That said, if you do decide to book it to Hawaii this fall, keep in mind that the Fashion Daily Mag girls make for excellent company on long flights.

Stay moisturized: Between green juices, watermelon slices and the cold, clear water of your favorite rooftop pool, your body spends much of the summer finding ways to quench its thirst. Your hands are no exception, so pay them a little extra attention with SOAP AND PAPER’s geranium hand cream. The lotion is unbelievably moisturizing with a rich texture, but its scent is far from heavy or prissy. A little patchouli and ylang ylang can work wonders for an otherwise sweetie-sweet floral, no? or just go for the crisp with an invigorating summer scent- like the Marine* hand creme.

Set the night ablaze: A well-placed candle is a transportation device of sorts — just strike a match and close your eyes. Nothing evokes a summer night’s adventure like SOAP AND PAPER’s Bella candle ($18), a fresh, zesty blend of bergamot, grapefruit and black pepper. Be careful, though: with a 55-hour burn time and a bewitching aroma, hours might pass before you jolt out of reverie. There may be some black magic afoot here.

Squeak clean: Green tea is such an uber-drink: it detoxes, cleansed, and invigorates. It’s high time a company thought, “God, I wish I could just bathe in the stuff.” Kudos, then, to SOAP AND PAPER for creating this refreshing green tea shea butter soap ($8). Watch your skin turn butter-soft as you lather up, rinse, and exhale deeply as you step out of the shower: rejuvenated, purified, crisp, anew.  Written by Rebecca Santiago.

more info:   *S &P MARINE hand creme is exclusive at Anthropologie