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summer SCENTS of Mediterranean Jasmine

It’s summer, don’t you crave the sweet smell of the Mediterranean? We found some inspiring and local (San Francisco) scents to surround us from Agraria. The Mediterranean Jasmine fragrance is an elegant bouquet of fragrant white flowers, reminiscent of glistening blue waters and a sandy coastline. Its robust floral scent is a combination of jasmine, blossoming honeysuckle, gardenia buds, freesia, lily of the valley, and tuberose.

Agraria Mediterranean Jasmine tassel summer FashionDailyMag sel 1

Agraria’s Mediterranean Jasmine new generation of AirEssence Diffusers releases the delicate scent throughout any room through sola flowers, handmade by skilled artisans using dried tapioca plant peel sewn onto cotton wick. These flowers, also known as balsa wood flowers, are environmentally friendly and made of completely natural materials, ensuring that the Agraria brand stays true to its name – “from the earth”.  We loved perfumed tassel – a cute fragrant addition to your home decor, you can hang them on doorknobs or in the closet-  and they’re refillable with a different fragrance oil if you change the mood of the season.

Agraria Mediterranean Jasmine tassel summer FashionDailyMag sel 2The perfumed candle is no exception when it comes to aesthetically pleasing design to go with the beautiful scent in the air. The inspiration for the woven crystal glass and silver-plated lid with the Agraria crest came from a modern twist of the palm leaf cases used during the 1980’s. These luminous and clean burning candles are also environmentally friendly, made of vegetable-based premium soft waxes.Agraria Mediterranean Jasmine tassel summer FashionDailyMag sel 3

The summer Mediterranean Jasmine collection is a perfect combination of white florals creating a bouquet of idyllic scents to take you away to your waterside paradise. summer SCENTS of Mediterranean Jasmine written by Nadia Hartvigsen.


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