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SUMMER makeup 2-in-1 faves

SUMMER makeup: We found some 2-in-1 beauty gems by Pür Minerals that have come to make our lives a  little easier and alot prettier.   Beginner-friendly summer makeup that is easy to use with lasting power – without looking like a melting queen under the fiery sun and humid air.  From lips to cheeks to flawless flace with SPF, here are 4 products that are summer-friendly and fun to use while saving space in your bag!


flawless face:  Cushion foundation is one of the hottest things buzzing in the makeup world.  Air Perfection Cushion Foundation SPF 50, which comes with a full-sized refill, provides visible, sheer to medium coverage with a unique mousse-like texture that feels weightless and lighter than air.  The portable foundation has a mirror which is perfect for retouch during the day, and the sponge applicator makes sure that you get a quick and even coverage every time.  Infused with emollient babassu oil, this foundation covers flaws, protects skin against the sun and also treats the skin.  Makeup + SPF 50 + skincare:  this little gem is even more than just a 2-in-1.AIR PERFECTION summer beauty 2-in-1 faves FashionDailyMag


lip treat: Pur Minerals Pout Pen Lip Stain and Hydrating Balm “wowed” us instantly  with its amazing color.  The one side is a brush on stain, while the other is a moisturizing balm.  The stain is so pigmented that you’ll get a bold look with just one layer of application and the felt tip makes it easy to go as precise as you want.  Unlike some other stains, it doesn’t dry out or sting the lips.  Once you apply the tint, you will feel that the pout is a little bit dry and tight, but as soon as you top it with the hydrating balm on the other end of the stick, it locks in the moisture and seals the color and smoothes within seconds. Comes in 4 summery shades from sexy red to fierce flamingo.  Try the gradient lips! apply stain on the center of the pout and dab it outward before it dries.

PUR pout pen summer beauty 2-in-1 faves FashionDailyMag


cheeks a blushin’:  you’re going to want to keep the Chateau Cheek Stain in your bag all the time!  This 2-in-1 gives you a natural flush, and comes with a mini build-in brush.  So you can reapply (or add more color)  anytime, and it’s perfect for a touch-up right before taking a selfie.  With the moisture-rich + buildable color, you can customize the finish and intensity you prefer. What stands out about this stain is that it doesn’t look fake on the skin… It just adds more radiance in one sweep, with a creamy gel-like texture that is effortless to apply.  Your face will look lifted instantly with a fresh, goddess glow.chateau cheek stain summer beauty 2-in-1 faves FashionDailyMag
the eyeliner game: If you think winged eyeliners are difficult to ace, then Double Ego Eyeliner will maybe change your mind. The product has pencil liner on one end and liquid on the other, which can be a great practice tool for beginners. The pencil makes it easy to draw out where you want flick to go. Top it with the liquid liner to fill in the details to make it more intense and last all day.  You can get so many looks out of this multitasking product, from a smudge-proof daytime definition to the liquid liner for bold intense or smokey eyes for date night.  In a wide color range with basic shades like black and brown, and a few  unique shades including deep teal… perfect to create an exotic look for the summer.PUR double ego eyeliner summer beauty 2-in-1 faves FashionDailyMag

There you have it… 4 gems for SUMMER makeup 2-in-1 faves for summer written by Betty Lo.

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