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SUMMER hair repair

After the sun-kissed recent long weekend and all the celebrating, your hair may have gotten a dose of dry, n’est-ce pas? Especially if you have color treated hair or highlights.  The sun and its rays, the swimming pool, and the beach may have already had their dance messing up your mane, but here’s a resolution from Pai-Shau that can help you bounce right back- if you hurry.

Vera Wang FW16 - Pai-Shau-27

To protect your hair from looking like the perfect lawn that just got dry and patchy over the weekend,  take the time to nourish, restore, and moisturize your mane before more sun damage makes it look like straw.   There’s no need for a major makeover or a chop if you catch the dry hair time and start using regenerative hair products for your everyday use.   After spending less than a week with more sun exposure than usual, I noticed a difference in my hair texture, and went back to my winter-friendly regime from Pai-Shau .

I had first used this regime just before getting my hair cut “short” in the fall, and used it regularly to maintain my fresh mane after the major curl cut.  When I saw the mega shiny hair backstage at Vera Wang‘s fw16 show during NYFW,  I started to use it again, and then sparingly through the springtime.

Of course, I’m going to insist on masking because that’s the first thing you should do at the first sign of your summer dry hair… or any season for that matter.    But the simple hydrating regime is 4 steps:  Replenishing Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Supreme Moisturizing Mask, and  + hair primer, the BiPhasic spray.

Pai-Shau Collection FashionDailyMag

We got some extra tips from Rob Pituzzi, ambassador for Pai-Shau, on how to treat the damage fast at home:

To mask your hair to health, leave the mask on no longer than 30min after shampooing and rinsing.  No need to leave on longer, your hair is a porous fiber and can only hold a certain amount of moisture.  If you really feel like you need more, it would beneficial to apply the treatment for 15-20 min, rinse,  and reapply… If you feel you need that an extra dose.

After you wash and conditioning, towel dry your hair.  Shake the BiPhasic bottle, spray and apply to damp hair and let it dry. When your hair is 3/4 dry it should feel soft and flexible to the touch.  You can then squeeze a section of your hair, flex it a bit and hand style, and let it return to its shape…  in my case, it’s to help the curls back in place. It’s intensely repairing and will re-hydrate your hair and prevent further splitting.  Plus,  the BiPhasic spray (primer) is also an added protection for your hair under the sun… an extra barrier from the sun’s damaging rays. (Plus, it is residue-free!)

If you tried this at home and It’s too late to fix it, get a professional hair treatment like Olaplex at the salon when you get your next hair color, and ask for it to be mixed with your color AND get an Olaplex treatment in addition.  I have tried it both with color and as a treatment at Salon Ziba on 57th st. with CoCo and had a nice + shiny result for about 3 weeks.

lady gaga 88th Annual Academy Awards FashionDailyMag

Check with your hair salon if they use Olaplex before you book your appointment, and if they don’t, it may be a good time to try an new place for the color + treatment, or just getting the conditioning treatment.     You can then maintain the hair integrity in between color by working the PAI-SHAU regimen.   And if it’s good enough for GaGa‘s mane at the Academy Awards, it can work for us.

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Pai-Shau is available online and in select hair salons in the U.S. and Canada.

SUMMER hair repair by Brigitte Segura.

photo credit:  Angus Smythe x FashionDailyMag.

Lady Gaga Photo by Jason Merritt | Getty Images.

+ courtesy photo.

Vera Wang fall 2016 hair Pai-Shau by Angus Smythe FashionDailyMag

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