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summer friendly MENS grooming

GUYS – this flawless face bit is for you only!  Though you all love it easy breezy with one product to wash and another to shave,  the truth is- if you care about your skin, keeping up the flawless takes a little more upkeep.  So stop borrowing from the girls, and get your own flawless face regimen- designed for men’s skin only!  it’s about time, n’est-ce pas?

adonis bosso NYFWM portraits FashionDailyMag x Angus Smythe 111

Though the idea is that you are not “making up”, the reality is that the stressful spots on your face can be covered, and a smooth glow is OK for a guy.   Here’s your skincare x cover-up kit from Menaji.  Just a handful of products, great to gift – even for Dad.  You’ll be back for more.  Since you’ve already got the wash and shaving down, here’s the beautifying regimen for after:

Designed to make you look like a star…  the On Air Talent Package contains an Aftershave Hydrator, 911 Eye gel, Camo Concealer (yes, just for you!) and HDPV anti-shine powder-  Yes, guy friendly powder.   The formula also come in 3 tones, so you can pick one for your more summery tone too!   Stay shine free,  originally Made for professionals faced with the unforgiving clarity of high definition television,  the Menaji Anti-Shine Powder keeps your tone neutral and ‘even’ with a light touch- a must-have on set or for your blogging/selfie IG moments.    The coverup does what you need where you need it, except this formula works on your “man-skin”.

MENAJI skincare for men FashionDailyMag

As always, we test our product recommends – especially beauty.  Not only have we tried this out on our favorite guy before, but he now uses this regularly and came back for more!  Need we say anything else?  It’s always time to be flawless – even if you’re a man.

NYFWM portraits FashionDailyMag x Angus Smythe 44

The On-Air package is $95 and will last you up to a year if you’re not a frequent flyer.  :).

photo credit: Adonis Boss + backstage portraits by Angus Smythe for FashionDailyMag.

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