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STONE ISLAND shadow project | stone island ss 013

Masters of function and fashion Stone Island and Stone Island Shadow Project brings fresh to Spring Summer 2013 menswear and luxury outerwear. Right off of their 30th Anniversary, Stone Island shows how to get even hotter with age. Whether you prefer the great outdoors or the urban jungle, this collection demonstrates the power of adaptation. The brightened hues added a new lightness to the looks, while the crisp whites were like a breath of fresh air- symbolizing the renewal of the spring season.

stone island spring 2013

Hunter green and dark denim took us into the forest, while the structured yet lightweight jackets will have any traveler ready to brave the unknown. While the spectrum of ruby reds, teals, and canary yellows, ranging from subdued to electrifying neons, awakened our city sensibilities. Just the tip of the iceberg, the collection featured weather-defying materials such as windproof/water resistant mussola watro, the ever-popular military-inspired Tela Stella, segments of wind and waterproof pieces ghost, and also the flexible yet forceful high-performance shell material Light Soft Shell-R. Keeping with the streamlined silhouettes, the label focused on minimalism using everything from zippers to seaming to entice the eye. Bringing a screen print tee and shorts into the equation was a reminder that you can always have function, but Stone Island shows that it’s better with fun.

Like a rebel sibling to the main line, the Stone Island Shadow Project collection still sustains the core belief of the brand, but with slight more attitude. Less layering gives a back to basics feel, but with even more individuality, with the help of elbow patches on a crewneck sweatshirt, and an endless stream of classic henley tops. The futuristic fabrics haven’t lost their touch, but simply updated for the businessman: think ultra-lightweight blazers that make suffocating suits a thing of the past thanks to the wind-resistant “aero-core” design. With a deeper spectrum of shades such as deep-sea blue and oxblood within the Shadow Project looks shows how the Stone Island man is never a dark horse, but a showstopper. Written by Mary Anderson.