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STAY YOUNG.. silver medallion rocks the BOX nyc

OUT and ABOUT: As the clock struck two last night, The Box was roaring with its usual sexy revelry. The club keeps a notoriously tight door, but a few likely models and their lucky dates were still trickling in, hoping to get a glimpse of the risqué spectacle for which The Box is so famed.

But a few faces were beginning to look familiar at that point in the night. They had arrived hours before — at eight o’clock, in fact, when hardcore club-goers tend to eat breakfast. And though they lingered for the late-night show, they initially came to the club to indulge not their eyes, but their ears with Silver Medallion’s newly released single, “Stay Young.” have a listen here.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing Silver Medallion live, just know that the Kurt Cobain-haired musician has a gift for whipping a crowd into a frenzy. “Stay Young” is a vocal house jam filled with humming, raw energy and techno crescendos — the perfect soundtrack for the fresh, young crowd that filled The Box’s booths and balconies. Silver Medallion’s adrenaline-rush set was sandwiched by a live performance from Master Shortie and DJ sets by Bailey Smalls, DJ Benzi and DJ D Star.

From the moment the red velvet curtain parted on the four-hour concert, music lovers consumed the dance floor. Long-legged and impractically-shoed fashion girls perched atop the club’s artfully dilapidated silk booths. Hosts outfitted like sultry flappers — think expensive-looking black corsets and knotted strands of pearls — wove through the crowd with sparklers. DJs played everything from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Sir Mix-A-Lot. The beat dropped again and again. Bottle after bottle popped. Around half-past midnight, the concert drew to a close, but the show at The Box was far from over.  Written by Rebecca Santiago.