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Ahh spring is in the air and we are looking forward to stepping out to catch some sunshine. Admittedly after a few months of hibernating through the cold, the idea of peeling the layers off can be a little discouraging. Bring it on, we want ample opportunities for showing off our bods, here’s some of our product picks that help you smooth over some spots while getting into gear.

Transition into warmer weather better by getting an all-over smoother appearance with anti-cellulite creams. As the styles get skimpier – help curb the appearance of cellulite and orange-peel texture.  Here are a few of our favorites to give your  body a treatment for a more toned form- just in time for the sun!

CLARINS BODY LIFT beauty resolutions fashiondailymag

Beat the belly blues with the Morpho Slim Ventre & Taille by LIERAC. The highliy concentrated formula uses 7.5% of Lipo-Reverse ® to literally shrink the stomach and create firmness. The formula also contains brown seaweed extract and polysaccharides of oats that work to visibly flatten waistlines (applied twice a day use for a minimum of 28 days for best results).

For targeting hips, thighs, and (butt) try Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control. The brand offers a refreshing combination of active ingredients to shrink and reshape. The patented high-def smoother is made using Scabiosa to optimize stored fat in excess, Extract vine of Peru to set limits on formation of fat storage, to help eliminate fat – extracts of geranium leaves and roots of cangzhu, Baccharis to preserve collagen fibers, chestnuts for decongesting, and for hydration and skin comfort Sunflower phospholipids.

spring beauty anti-cellulite FashionDailyMag

We found this next product DUO by online beauty retailer,  b-glowing. Bliss has created a ‘tight’ and day duo with Fat Girl Slim and Fat Girl Sleep. Rather than feel like a special cream, these go on more like an everyday lotion or body creme.  The formula is light and it’s like putting a cream all over with an extra ‘boost’, great to maintain.  Fastgirlslim contains QuSome®-encapsulated caffeine and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite with targeted delivery that tones. The overnight version, Fat Girl Sleep has encapsulated extract-rich complex made with sacred lotus flower, red algae extract, and soothing lavender to help make to most of your rest and repair time. Using both together will yield the most noticeable results- there’s a combined kit too if you’re ready to take on the task.

The scoop on these products is they help move things along, but they aren’t a diet plan, and like everything else, you have to follow the instructions.  And as for people that say, “do these really work”..   our response would be: try it, use it properly and see if you skin is not looking better- but don’t expect a miracle. But you will probably be happier for at least a sec…  Commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Sarah A. Freiseis.

editorial photo: courtesy of Clarins